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Green Needle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kaktos from the planet Caecacta in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Green Needle is a quadrupedal cactus-like alien. His green skin is covered in green thorns. His collar and tuffs of hair on his head is in the same color scheme as the flowers on his legs and tail. His limbs and torso are in two segments, and his tail is in three. He wears a black outfit with white stripes on the sides.

His Omnitrix symbol is located on a black brace on his thigh.


  • Needle Manipulation- Green Needle can control the needles in his body with expert leveled skills. He can fire them off as if they were projectiles and extend them to protect his body or to use them as blades. His needles are strong enough to puncture steel.
  • Nectar Production- Green Needle's body can brew a special nectar with healing properties by drinking water. This nectar can heal disease, repair wounds, and meld broken bones. He can even use the nectar to heal himself.
  • Regeneration- Green Needle can regenerate his body.
  • Enhance Speed- Green Needle can run at high speeds, easily reaching speeds of about 80 MPH or 130 Km/h.
  • Enhanced Agility- Green Needle has enhanced agility due to him being a quadruped.


  • Fragile Body- Green Needle's body can easily be crushed with sufficient strength and can easily be ripped apart.
  • Limited Speech- Green Needle can only speak in small, simple fragments.
  • Cold Temperatures- Being a plant-like alien, Green Needle can't stay in cold climates for very long.


The Kaktos are an incredibly rare species. Their numbers have dwindled to around 20,000 due to poachers who hunt them for their nectar, which can be sold for a fortune on the black market. They’ve grown to be very suspicious of outsiders.

Kaktos live in packs of up to ten members. Their pack leaders are usually the largest, have the most limbs, and the sharpest needles. They spend their days filling up on water, hunting down small animals to eat, and fighting with rival packs.

Kaktos females will pick their mates based on who can produce the most beautiful flowers on their bodies, as it is a sign of good health.






  • Green Needle was based on the Alien Force Omnitrix toy's auditory illusion when the Brainstorm hologram was inserted, with some people hearing the name “Green Needle”.
    • Ben, when transforming into Green Needle for the first time, got the name after remembering hearing the illusion first at a fan convention.
  • This is the second alien Der_Eisen has collaborated on an alien with DFreak22. The first was Scraptile.