Gremlynx is the Omnitrix DNA sample of a Tanzro from the planet Dragnoise located outside of the Local Group in 5 Years Later.


Gremlynx is a humanoid transformation that resembles a mix between a tiger and a dragon. He has brown fur with blue stripes across his body with gray and silver armor plating on his chest with dark grey straps. He has further armor plating on his wrist and shins. He has a long and heavily armored tail. His face resembles a feline cat with large, bat-like ears and fur that goes out like hair. He wears black pants with green and white stripes and patterns.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his shoulder.


  • Elasticity - Gremlynx's body is incredibly malleable, able to perform extraordinary feats of flexibility and mobility by twisting and stretching.
  • Electricity Generation - Gemlynx's body is capable of generating electric currents.
  • Venomous Fangs - Gremlynx possesses the ability to inject a potent venom through his bite.
    • Venom Immunity - Gremlynx possesses a high tolerance to venom and other toxins due to his own venom leaking into his bloodstream, allowing him to become immunized against it.
    • Insulated Body - A side effect of his venom acts as a coolant fluid to keep his body from overheating from their energy production and emission.


  • Magnets- A Powerful magnetic force can prevent him from stretching by locking his malleable metal scales and bones into a solid-state.
  • Rust- The organic metal making up his scales and bones can rust under the right circumstances. This rust can be debilitating if not treated.


Gremlynx's home planet Dragnoise possesses an electromagnetic field surrounding it, suspending debris from meteor showers above the planet's surface, forming floating islands.

The Tanzro evolved during Dragnoise's ice age, with their primordial forms appearing similar to Sabretooth Tigers formed from the snow.




  • Gremlynx's concept originated from the mythological concept of a rivalry between tigers and dragons, with DrezenDragon combining the two species into one race.

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