Grenadier is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Paroxyte from the planet Paroxys in 5 Years Later.


Grenadier is a humanoid transformation bristling with weaponry. He has green scales and long, dark green hair. He wears a black mask with a silver brim and four muzzles, which house his eyes. He wears a black, green, white, and silver uniform with various weapons. He has a Gatling Gun on his left shoulder. He has a large gauntlet that resembles a grenade housing a big gun. He has several ammo belts and pouches, located on several areas of his body and grenades attached to a harness on his waist. He wears silver napalm knee pads, as well as black and white boots and a brace on his left arm.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his waist.


  • Explosive Fluid- Grenadier possesses highly volatile bodily fluids in his blood, sweat, and tears and can detonate this fluid at will.
  • Wall Crawling- Grenadier can secrete a slime from his skin that allows him to stick to nearly any surface.
  • Regeneration- Grenadier can regenerate lost limbs, however, the process takes a day or two to fully regenerate the severed limb.


The Omnitrix equips Grenadier with a wide array of weaponry, that allows him to more effectively utilize his explosive capabilities.

  • Mortar Mask- His mask has four muzzles that protrude from his mask. They serve as eye-holes in his mask and can also fire explosions from the muzzles via his explosive tears. The mask additionally provides him with night vision.
  • Grenade Gauntlet- Grenadier wears a large gauntlet on his arm that resembles a grenade. The gauntlet is hollow and can be filled with fluids. Once the gauntlet is full of explosive fluids, he can release a massive explosion.
  • Bomber Bag- He wears a harness on his back that can load his fluids into cartridges, as well as filter the explosions and mix them with different elements. The harness is also attached to a Gatling Gun on his shoulder.
  • Gatling Gun- Grenadier has a Gatling Gun attached to his shoulder which can dispense large amounts of fire power.
  • Napalm Knee-pads- His knee-pads can fire small explosions, but only as a last-resort.


  • Dark Areas- Grenadier cannot see in dark areas without his mask.
  • Explosions- Grenadier's explosions can crack his bones, until they shatter entirely.
  • Cold Environments- Grenadier cannot survive in cold weather.
  • Temper- Similar to Rath, Grenadier has a massive superiority complex and a ferocious, untamed temper.


Grenadier's home planet, Paroxys, holds an annual event known as The Rage Games. The Rage Games, is a tournament where some of the most infamously angry species battle it out for bragging rights and an acknowledgment of their superiority. As such Paroxytes are a species known for having a huge superiority complex and often wear combat gear similar to the weaponry the Omnitrix equips Grenadier.






  • Grenadier has a subspecies that is more suited for colder climates.
  • Grenadier's species and homeworld, is derived from the word "Paroxysm", meaning a violent outburst or explosion.
  • Grenadier is largely based off of Katsuki Bakugou from My Hero Academia.
    • This is the first of two aliens based on the character, the second being Outburst.

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