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Grey Matter is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime in 5 Years Later.


Grey Matter is a small, frog-like humanoid with gray skin and big green eyes. Grey Matter wears a green, white, and black chest plate attached to a bodysuit down to the thighs with green and black gloves, as well as black strappings.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his back.


  • Enhanced Intelligence- Grey Matter has a very high intelligence, allowing Ben to think more critically and logically in this form. Grey Matter's brain capacity makes Ben smarter about things he's never even seen before.
    • Technological Skills- Grey Matter works very well with machines, and can dismantle and build things as he pleases.
  • Small Size- Grey Matter is small, which allows him to get through or inside places that larger species cannot.
  • Wall Climbing- Grey Matter's microscopic pads on his skin allow him to climb walls.
  • Universal Translation- Grey Matter has been shown to be able to understand complex and even foreign languages just by hearing them.
  • Underwater Breathing- Grey Matter is capable of surviving underwater.
  • Sharp Teeth- Grey Matter can cause a decent amount of damage with his teeth.


  • Small Size- Grey Matter's small size can make it hard for him to fight in certain situations, and making it easy for him to either be captured or put in a corner.
  • Omnivoracious- The Omnivoracious is a Galvan's natural predator.
  • Fragile Body- Grey Matter's body is not very durable, being weak to even the basic of attacks from most species larger than him.




  • Grey Matter is Ben's most intelligent transformation.
  • Grey Matter, along with other Galvans, has two brains. One for basic activities and the other for knowledge and skills.
  • Grey Matter blinks horizontally instead of vertically.
  • Grey Matter's DNA was the first DNA sample added to the Omnitrix. However, Grey Matter's DNA source did not come from Azmuth nor Albedo.