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Gut Buster is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet in 5 Years Later.


Gut Buster is a heavy set, muscular humanoid with lumpy red skin. He has a small head with a flat top and small eyes. His torso is bulky with a giant grinning toothy mouth taking up most of the front. He has muscular arms with proportionately small hands. His shoulders have two sets of conical nodes (one set of which has metallic rings by its base) while his elbow has just one node each. His legs have large elephantine feet, they connect into the torso and tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left node's base.


  • Enhanced Physiology- Gut Buster is strong, able to punch and lift objects with great force. He's also rather durable.


  • Strength Limit- Despite his strength, Gut Buster can be overwhelmed by most aliens such as Tetramands.
  • Vocal Capacity- Gut Buster is only able to speak in grunts and laughs. Only those Ben is familiar with or have the ability to translate strange voices such as Sanavox can understand him.
  • Low Intelligence- Gut Buster is not very smart and can be outwitted.








  • Gut Buster's design is based on one of the many early concepts for Upchuck made by Tom Perkins.
  • Gut Buster's abilities are associated with a joke from Kellen Goff, O.R.Ash, and Kuro the Artist describing him as “He strong, He funni, and he got a big tummy!” that gets quoted whenever his powers are asked.