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Hat Trick is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Clostichi from the planet Rehsnact in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Hat Trick is a lavender, striped furry ghost-like alien. He has long arms with big hands, a tail like appendage coming out of his body, and bangs of fur covering portions of his face. He has glowing green eyes and wears a black and white cape, a white bowtie, a black and green top hat and black and green stripes on his torso and tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the front of his top hat.


  • Energy Transferal- Hat Trick is able to transfer his Mana onto inanimate objects or other living beings, causing them to output more power, making them stronger. He can also imbue articles of clothing with Mana to bestow abilities on those who wear them. The ability is connected to the article's original purpose.
  • Spell Affinity- Due to his large sum of Mana, Hat Trick is able to learn spells and other magical techniques in an accelerated pace. However, Ben has yet to study magic while transformed into Hat Trick.
  • Enhanced Strength- Hat Trick is capable of lifting many time his own weight, being able to lift and throw an adult Vulpimancer.
  • Enhanced Speed- Hat Trick is fairly quick, being able to move at speeds of 75 miles per hour (120 km/h).
  • Enhanced Stamina- The large amount of Mana in Hat Trick's body makes him near tireless, being able to stay active for large periods of time.


  • Mana Imbued Cape- Hat Trick's cape is automatically Mana imbued on transformation, and bestows upon him the abilities of levitation and flight.
  • Mana Imbued Top Hat- Hat Trick's Top Hat is automatically Mana imbued on transformation, and it is able to be used as a small portal to a pocket dimension inside Ledgerdomain.


  • Cultural Understanding- Hat Trick needs to know the purpose and cultural significance of an article of clothing to be able to imbue it with Mana.
  • Impaired Durability- Hat Trick can be severely damaged easily.
  • Assistance-Focused- Hat Trick works best when he has an ally to transfer his Mana to, and so, is a dangerous transformation to use alone.
  • Draining- Hat Trick, being made of mostly Mana, can be drained by energy-draining species.


Rehsnact was originally an unremarkable planet, until a multitude of portals linked to Ledgerdomain opened up on its surface. No one is quite sure why this occurred, but it is believed that the planet is astrologically placed in a “weak spot” between the two dimensions. Magic constantly leaks out of these portals and climatically affects the surrounding areas, resulting in the planet having a multitude of biomes that would otherwise be ecologically impossible to exist so close together.

This has also affected the evolution of life on the planet, with each species of the wildlife and even some of the plants being capable of performing their own specific spell in some shape or form. The sole sapient beings on Rehsnact are the Clostichi, curious beings that spend the majority of their time exploring their planet or practicing their magical skills.

Clostichi possess massive amounts of mana inside of them, at levels that even Anodites are impressed by. While this means they can learn magic at a much faster rate than other species, they also possess an innate mastery over the particular empowerment spell evolution bestowed on them.






  • Hat Trick was inspired by Hat Kid and Snatcher from A Hat in Time.
  • Due to the immense energy levels inside them, Clostichi are somewhat luminescent. This can be seen in their eyes, and also their mouth when it isn’t covered by their fur.
  • Hat Trick is actually considered a young child by his species. The huge amount of Mana they possess allow them to have incredibly-long lifespans and take a long time to mature, with adults reaching enormous sizes, comparable to those of Adult Vaxasaurians.
  • Clostichi are often sought after by criminals to be used as living batteries.