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Heartwyrm is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of an S-V3RN from the planet Archivora in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Heartwyrm is a long segmented Draconic Centipede-like alien. He is split up into 3 segments the tops of which are covered in crustacean like shell the front segment is the head which possesses jagged clamp like teeth, a curved chin spike, an organic LED screen like visor that resembles a crown with a digital pupil, Several skittering insectoid legs and beside his mouth are 2 arms that end in viscus red vein like tendrils. The Middle Segment is wrapped in a black and green suit. The final section is an enlarged abdomen with several red veins like viscous tendrils protruding from it.

The Omnitrix is located on Heartwyrm's forehead behind his visor.


  • Instinctual Medical Knowledge- Heartwyrm has in built medical knowledge allowing it to preform advanced surgeries, most commonly heart surgery.
  • Cardiac Replacement- Heartwyrm can replace another species heart by surgically removing the host's heart, devouring it and then curling up and replacing it using its red tendrils to replace the necessary valves and veins.
  • Mutative Regeneration- Due to Heartwyrm's blood being filtered into their host, the host gains the ability to regenerate from severe damage, although the repaired sections become more draconic with each regeneration.
  • X-Ray Manipulation- Heartwyrm can manipulate the X-Ray spectrum, most commonly used as X-Ray Vision.

Parasite Parameters

  • Host Must Have A Heart- Heartwyrm needs to replace a heart of another being as this is the optimal place for them to function, they would die if not replacing a heart.
  • Host Must Be Of Organic Composition- Heartwyrm's host needs to be made of flesh and blood in order for his mutagenic properties to properly bond with the host to prevent rejection.
  • Size Limitation- Heartwyrm can compact himself into the size of a small soccer ball, his host needs to be able to accommodate that size during the bonding process. The host themselves must not be too small or Heartwyrm will only not fit inside them but will drain their blood too quickly, The host also can not be too large or else Heartwyrm will be unable to cope with the strain.
  • Blood Filtration System- Heartwyrm survives by filtering nutrients out of their host's blood stream and filtering out their mutagenic blood, this is the only way they can survive.


  • Electrical Shock- Heartwyrm is effectively a heart, a powerful electrical shock can stop his functions.
  • Acid- Heartwyrm's gifted regeneration can be overcome with powerful acid.
  • Lead- Heartwyrm's X-Rays are stopped by simple lead.


The S-V3RN (Sinlairian Variant 3 Revision Nemesis) is one of the many contributing factors to Archivora's continued planetary quarantine. The events that led up to the Quarantine are scarce due to the evacuated inhabitants locations being unknown but what could be gathered from communication satellites and the automated warnings from the planet about the Quarantine are that an Unknown species come from beneath the planets surface some sort of swarm like life form that could consume forms of life and then copy them it started as small life forms but gradually built their way up and started to combine things that had been assimilated until they started to consume and assimilate weaponry the inhabitants fears of being assimilated lead to an all out war on the planet trying to eliminate “The Swarm”.

Not much is known about the war due to communications being scrambled among secured channels after a broadcast was made by a member of The Swarm that had assimilated a news station the broadcast was analyzed and deemed gibberish, not an attempt to communicate. Towards the end of this war new satellites were put in place whose communications could be extracted these detail 2 plans by the inhabitants Planetary Evacuation and the “Sinlarian Project” the details aren't fully know, but it leads to the creation of the subjects known as “S-V3RN” this entity was created by the inhabitants to turn them into super soldiers and where specifically designed to use traits The Swarm had been avoiding consuming. The project was a horrible success as the S-V3RN proved to be a sapient life form which then escaped containment and started reproducing, which brought it into conflict with The Swarm as they started fighting for control of the planet. Some of the original inhabitants willingly stayed behind to become hosts to the S-V3RN under the promise that they could share the planet if the swarm was removed the S-V3RN agreed and a legion of them helped defend the evacuating inhabitants whose last act was to activate the Quarantine beacons as their ships where traced last heading to the nearest habitable planet and unforgiving ice world unfortunately attempts to find them have led to no results only the found wreckage of one of the evacuation ships on the planets surface the natives of the planets were deemed to hostile for an on planet search.

As of now a research station has been established on the moon of the planet by a third party monitoring the situation to prevent either the Swarm or the S-V3RN from getting off planet the conflict seems to still be raging but no attempts from either side to leave the planet despite estimates showing The Swarm should've assimilated some form of intelligence by this stage. The most notable event from the planet was a broken transmission from an unknown sender, as “Tar” was all that could be made out for their name along with the message, which seemed to be a general warning to outsiders to stay out of the conflict or else.






  • Heartwyrm's name comes from a combination of Heartworm, a real life parasite and Wyrm a type of Dragon ones that have lived beyond ancient times.
  • Heartwyrm's mutagenic regeneration is inspired by those undergone by William Birkin of the Resident Evil Series, along with those of Nemesis.
  • Heartwyrm being a parasite that makes other aliens Dragon was done by Drezen due to O.R.Ash and Kuro the Artist stated distaste of drawing Dragons.
  • The overall alien was inspired by permission from an acquaintance of Drezen as such part of the Species name is based on a username of theirs as is the planet name.