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A Highbreed Weather Tower is a device used to alter a planet's weather patterns, allowing the users to control the weather.


Highbreed Weather Tower is a large, grey structure made out of various metals and covered with metallic patterns. It is made out of a pole in the middle which has three spheres on top and is surrounded by metallic rings of various sizes.


Highbreed Weather Towers were originally utilized by the Highbreed to alter a planet's climate to result in the planet becoming uninhabitable for the native race, resulting in them dying out and allowing the Highbreed to easily conquer the planet. Since the end of the Highbreed Conquest, the Weather Towers have since been repurposed to regulate the weather of Bellwood to ensure a positive climate.


The first Weather Tower was located on a crop field and intended to be used by Highbreed in their invasion of Earth six years ago. The first tower was found by Ben, Gwen, and Kevin while they were investigating DNAliens (humans fused with an Alien parasite). It was intended to be used by them to change the weather on Earth to that in which Highbreeds could thrive. After defeating the DNAliens the tower was deactivated and left untouched.

Three more tower's existed in old Los Solidad military base, where they were used in order to adjust the climate for Highbreed and build a Jump Gate for Highbreed invasion of Earth.

Sometime after that, the first tower was acquired by Bellwood and repurposed for the city needs.