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Honey Trap is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Dulcimorph from the planet Obstia in 5 Years Later.


Honey Trap is a humanoid transformation made of a viscous liquid that has similar properties and a similar appearance to honey. He has yellow, honeycomb-like armored plating on his forehead and lower body down to his feet, with three of the plates being white, green, and black as opposed to yellow. He has hexagonal, green eyes.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his lower body, on the black plate.


  • Limited Shapeshifting- Honey Trap can stretch, bend, and squash his body in various ways. In addition, he can form simple objects from his goo and throw his goo at enemies.
    • Limited Invulnerability- His gooey body is immune to most forms of attack.
  • Honeycomb Armor- His honeycomb-like armor provides him substantial protection against harm.
  • Sticky Body- Honey Trap can stick to most surfaces and objects.


  • Extreme Temperatures- Extremely warm or cold temperatures and environments can cause him extreme harm.
  • Fluids- Sticky fluids such as mud or oil, can make him sick if they get into his body.


Obstia is a jungle planet filled with some of the sweetest fruits in the galaxy, which make up the majority of the Dulcimorph's diet. The Dulcimorph's goo is used as a sweetener across the galaxy.






  • Honey Trap is based on the Honey Slime from Slime Rancher.
  • Dulcimorph comes from the Latin word for "sweet" and Obstia comes from the German word for "fruit".