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The Hovering Observational Reconnaissance Assistant Squid,[1] also known as Horas, is a series of robots created by the Plumbers. He debuted in the first episode of The Ink Tank's And Beyond, a spin-off series of 5 Years Later.


Horas are robots with light blue eyes and blue, black, and silver body. They have four robotic tentacle-like arms and a built-in Multiversal Portal Projector in their chest.

Horas V04 is the first Horas to have a distinct look, with damage done to the left side of his head from his time on Methanos.


Horas is always trying to be chipper and optimistic about most situations he is in. Although he can also be scared easily by others. He likes to make jokes, and thinks of himself as very humorous.


  • Teleportation- Horas have built-in teleportation technology that works off the same technology as Null Void projectors, quickly beaming physical matter through the Null Void as a short cut which allows them to access other worlds and dimensions.
  • Flight- Horas are always hovering off the ground. They can move freely though space and the Ghost Zone.
  • Camouflage- If the situation calls for it, Horas can disguise himself by creating attributes based on the primary dominant species in his vicinity.
  • Reproduction- Horas can asexually spawn miniature drones from himself, and connect with them wirelessly to exchange visuals and information. His "offspring" are not as sentient as Horas.


  • Chronosapien Dilation Key- R-300 Orion IT Systems Model V01 was given this item so that it could record readable footage of planets in the Ages Orbit.[1]


  • Fragile Body- Horas can be easily destroyed through various means.


Created by The Plumbers after the discovery of reaching other dimensions through the Null Void, which was proven possible when Ben Tennyson was forcibly transported to the Generator Rex Universe by the entity known as Alpha. Horas were built for the purpose of cataloging planets and species as far as he can reach in order to educate for the betterment and experience of knowledge.

The only Horas that has been a reoccurring host is V04. He has collected damage each episode he has appeared in.

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And Beyond[]

5 Years Later[]


  • Horas was inspired by Slix Vigma.
  • At one point Horas was going to have a 1920s styled announcer voice, it was changed to a more high pitched voice because it was hard for O.R.Ash to do the original voice.
  • Horas is active within the Ink Tank Discord server functioning as an announcement bot, this version of Horas has the model number "R300 Orion IT Systems Model V0313". 0313 stands for the 13th of March, the date that the Ink Tank YouTube channel was created in 2015.
  • The bio-squid part of each Horas units cost 23,000 pounds of Tayden to produce.
  • A poster for And Beyond with Horas on it can be seen in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost and Chapter 3: Reunion.
  • Many episodes of And Beyond features a new Horas since at the end of most episodes Horas is destroyed.
    • Each version of Horas has a different model number.
    • Model V04 is the first to host a second episode.
  • Model V69 is a real life puppet of Horas created by Jack LoPresti. It took six months to create and was unveiled to The Ink Tank at MomoCon 2024. LoPresti also carried a voice modular to speak through the puppet in real time.