Howl is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Hopian from the planet Circadia in 5 Years Later


Howl is a hunched over alien resembling a nightjar bird. His feathers are different tones of blue with black markings. He has two talons on his hands and three talons on his feet. He has a large, golden face with two large green eyes and a large mouth. He has bands around his feet and hands that are green, white, and black.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.


  • Sleep Hypnosis - Howl can put anyone who makes eye contact with him to sleep for a desired amount of time.
  • Flight - Howl's wings allow him to glide great distances.
  • Sonic Screech - Howl can emit a powerful ultrasonic screech by opening his beak.
  • Night Vision - Howl can see clearly in the dark and has enhanced vision. 


  • Bright Lights- Howl has sensitive eyes. As a result of this, he can be blinded and disoriented by any light suddenly shined into his eyes.






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