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Ice Age is the Omnitrix's DNA Sample of a Bansheer from the planet Shivvaura in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Ice Age is a large blue woolly draconic alien. He possesses no eyes, 2 sets of ears, massive wing arms, an Axe shaped tail tip and 2 mouths one located on his head another located on his chest below that sits an organic vent like system taking up his stomach area. Ice Age wears green, black, and white pants along with similarly colored arm wear and gloves on his arms and wing arms.

The Omnitrix symbol is located above his chest mouth at the base of his neck.


  • Enhanced Biology- Ice Age is many times stronger than a human being, possessing major endurance and stamina.
  • Flash Freeze- Ice Age can unleash torrents of a liquid nitrogen like substance for his mouth or stomach vent that can instantly freeze a target solid.
  • Roaring Resonance- Ice Age roars at the exact frequency needed to shatter the ice he produces.
  • Flight- Ice Age is capable of flight with his wings.
  • Freezing Fog- Ice Age can unleash a massive amount of Ice Fog from his stomach vent that can easily eclipse the surrounding area, this fog not only causes those trapped in it to quickly freeze but also blinds those caught in it like a blizzard.
  • Thermovision- Ice Age can detect the thermo signatures of those around him.
  • Sonar- Ice Age possesses a powerful Sonar ability to detect the sounds of his prey.
  • Ice Immunity- Ice Age is immune to the effects of any harsh cold.


  • Woolly Warmth- Ice Age's thick fur makes him ill-suited for warm environments, causing him to quickly overheat.
  • Blind- Ice Age is completely blind he can't discern colors or other notable visual factors, only those he gets from his Thermovision and Sonar.
  • Area of Effect- Many of Ice Age's abilities effect a wide area, making him ill-equipped to signal target foes in a team situation without risk of freezing his own allies.


Shivvaura is a planet locked in a seemingly endless age of Ice and Snow many cold loving life forms call the surface of this tundra home but none more than its apex predator the Bansheer's these thunderous residents are relentless hunters capable of charging endlessly across the frozen plains in search of prey. They may seem to be a savage lot, but that is due to them not needing the comforts of Technology their planet provides all they need, and they are happy to indulge most live nomadic lives with family groups only forming occasionally staying together to raise their offspring to maturity before parting ways, although they only take one partner for life and will often return to the place their first met when they wish to rekindle their love and start a new family whoever in the event that one of the pair dies the other will not leave their meeting spot and will often die of a broken heart long before dying of starvation. If another Bansheer comes across the remains of another member of their species, they pay their respects and then preform a cultural ritual where they freeze the corpse of the fallen before shattering it they repeat this process many times, breaking down the fallen into small parts so that they may return to the beasts of which they preyed upon.

There are some Bansheer that live in villages these practice a more Druidic lifestyle trying to cultivate planet life and animals which they will share with others wanting to move beyond what they see as a lonely lifestyle they often form tight nit communities and try very hard to reach out to other tribes like theirs.

Currently, though, all Bansheer's speak of stories of the “False Furs” and the “Soulless Ones”. These stories unsettle the Bansheer's as due to their nomadic lifestyle the majority that encounter these creatures their stories are often passes on to others and as the stories get passed on in the Tundra the information gets altered or confused. The “Soulless Ones” are said to have come down from the sky with a massive ball of “Soul” Nomadic Bansheer's from all around charged towards this soul eager to consume it. But when they arrived they were attacked, but they could not see they're the attackers as they had no “Soul” the Bansheer's raged against these “Soulless Ones” for months and while they won the battle the ball of soul was lost, and sometimes they here whisper that their enemies still live. The “False Furs” are the most recent story strange creatures that come from below powerful and smart but seemed to be coated in some odd fur that protects them even from the Bansheer's all consuming Ice, at least until it is clawed off but the ease at which the fur can be clawed away and no “soul” leaks from the fur leads the Bansheer's to believe these creatures have fake fur leading some to believe they are some sort of demons trying to steal the fur of others. How much of these stories is fact and how much is fiction is yet unknown.






  • Ice Age's species believes the heat signatures of other beings to be that beings “Soul” this is a common religious belief among the species.
  • Ice Age's design is influenced by the Tigrex from Monster Hunter but also the main characters of the Ice Age movies a Woolly Mammoth, a Sloth, and a Saber Tooth Tiger.
  • Bansheer is a combination of Banshee and the Pokémon attack Sheer Cold.
  • Shivvaura is a combination of Shiva (The ice themed summon from the Final Fantasy Series), Shiver and Aura.