The Infi-map is a mysterious object of unknown origins. It is the only complete map of the entire Ghost Zone but it can also transport you to any location in the Ghost Zone. The map also has a will of it's own.


The Infi-map looks like any ordinary scroll from Earth.


  • Transportation- The map can transport users to locations in the Ghost Zone.
    • The Map can also transport a person to their destiny.
  • Location- The Map can locate Portals to the Ghost Zone.
Map (Activated)

The Infa-map activated


The Infi-Map has existed for as long as the Ghost Zone has existed.

Danny Fenton obtained the map 5 years ago from Frostbite. And brought it with him when he traveled to the Null Void.

In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost, Danny shows the Infi-map to Ben Tennyson and Rook Blonko when they were asking how he plans to find his way home once they open up a Ghost Portal.


5 Years Later

And Beyond

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