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Influx is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kinetosian from an unknown homeworld in 5 Years Later.


Influx is a quadrupedal alien, not directly resembling any particular Earth-based lifeform. His body is made of a solid gray non-Newtonian material resembling a combination of Oobleck, wet cement and fluid metal (despite the dynamic state of the material, he is always in the same shape generally). His head is elongated with a mouth always in a smug expression with his lower jaw able to split in two. Under his neck are gill-like slits. On his head are two horns. His backside has a set of fin-like structures. His arms are human-like, but function like legs as well, using his knuckles to walk on and his fingers to grab objects. His legs are digitgrade with no toes. His tail is a massive mass that is made of three separate chunks and is the most fluid part of the body.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on a pauldron on his left shoulder.


  • Kinetic Energy Absorption and Stockpiling- Influx is able to tank incoming collisions, sound waves and kinetic strikes with his body and store the energy throughout his body as a form of nourishment. The fins and tail work as a way to store excess energy. Passively, he feeds on sound waves, as even ambient noise is enough to sustain him.
  • Kinetic Energy Redirection and Reapplication- Influx is able to redirect stored kinetic energy in a variety of manners from amplified physical blows, omnidirectional shock waves or sonic screams.
  • Sound Wave Modulation- Influx is able to create a variety of sound waves from infrasonic yells, to sound mimicry and even sonic booms with his sophisticated vocal cords.
  • Passive Infrasonic Screech- Influx's gill slits passively create an infrasonic screech that slowly damages the mental fortitude of those who hear it. As such, those who hear these sounds avoid coming near him.
  • Non-Newtonian Physiology- Influx's body is made of a non-Newtonian material that hardens when hit by kinetic energy. He is not able to change the shape of his body, as his reliance on kinetic energy keeps his body held together. When at rest, his body will come a bit looser than when he's awake. His body is chemically inert and pressure resistant.
  • Enhanced Physiology- Influx is incredibly strong, being able to withstand attacks such as a car collision. His body is hard to break apart, as his fluid body will at most leave a residue in areas where the body splatters from a hit and reforms after.


  • Creepy Presence- Influx can mitigate his own infra sonic sound waves, but his general presence is considered unnerving to others. Influx also has an overriding personality that makes him smug and prone to intentionally scaring others he's fighting, which can accidentally frighten others.
  • Vacuums and Soundproof Spaces- Influx is reliant on passively absorbing sound waves to survive. While planets like Earth, Mars and Venus would be safe for him, soundproof rooms, the vacuum of space and being completely enveloped in absorbent material will deprive him of nourishment.


Kinetosians are an enigmatic species found on many worlds with sound-carrying atmospheres in the Milky Way. The location of these worlds does not seem to indicate where Kinetosians are originally from, nor do they have any common genetic markers with any other species found on worlds they inhabit.

Kinetosians live in packs, staying away from sapient natives of worlds they live on like a cryptid by nature. When others get close to Kinetosian populations, they will begin to feel unnerved by their passive infrasonic yells that intend to keep others the way or face psychological deterioration.

It is unknown how Kinetosians maintain a stable population, as new ones seem to spawn from thin air when their populations are not being looked at.

Worlds Kinetosians have been found on in the Milky Way include Earth, Luna Cimmera, Voltanis and Gelara.

Recently, Kinetosians have been found on one planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, Kampuriant and unconfirmed sightings have been recorded elsewhere in that galaxy.






  • The enigmatic nature of Kinetosians is based on SCPs and some cryptids seeming to show up out of no-where.
  • Influx's voice is created by sampling his human, alien voices and ambient voices and sounds then mixing them together to create speech. His voice effectively sounds like several of Ben's, his aliens', and other's voices jumbled together with reverberation.
    • While his voice sounds filtered naturally, he can force his voice to mimic others by repeating one sound verbatim or mimic the vocal patterns of someone else to say new things in that voice.