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Alexander Michael "Insane-Mane" Gautreaux was a Concept Artist on the first seven chapters of 5 Years Later. His first design appeared in Chapter One: Alienated.


Alex worked on the first seven chapters of 5 Years Later as a Concept Artist and Story Consultant starting in February of 2017.

His first design for the series was the Mutated To'kustar, and he is the creator of the aliens Slingshot and UltraViolent. He had also created the character GoTro, a member of The Orion Squad.

His Art Style commonly resembles Ben 10's fourth series, Omniverse, and is said to take inspiration from Jhonen Vasquez as well.

His role in 5 Years Later eventually lead to the creation of The Ink Tank (Officially founded in June of 2018) to let fans know the comic was developed by a team of artists, and not exclusively by Kuro.

In December 2018, Alex left the Ink Tank due to creative differences.