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Isodope is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Zeptompagite from the planet Zeptombus Omega in the 5 Years Later.


Isodope appears as an insect-like creature with two grasshopper-like legs which connect to a torso with a Green-and-White suit which has blue orbs on it. From the torso stems a head with a very large eye, around the head orbit the same molecular orbs as from the suit. The Omnitrix is on the back.


  • Zeptoscopic Size- Due to Isodope's Zeptoscopic size, he can fit into extremely small places easily.
  • 360 Vision- Isodope's secondary molecule eyes orbit around his head.
  • Flight- He is able to fly and maneuver through the air.
  • Hardened Exoskeleton- Isodope's exoskeleton is sufficiently durable.
  • Cloning- Isodope is able to reproduce endlessly.
    • Technomorphism- Isodope is able to create artificial versions of anything by linking together with clones.
    • Cerebral Lights- Communicates with other clones via cerebral light flashes from orbs on his body.


  • Flawed Imitation Ability- Constructs made of Isodopes do not retain the powers or functions of what they replicate, unless Isodope knows how the item works and can replicate the inner workings.
  • Physical Weakness- Due to being very small, Isodope can be easily defeated in a fight when in small numbers.
  • Electromagnetic Disruption- Isodope's mental processes are easily disrupted by electricity and magnetism.
  • Temperature Weakness- Due to having a very small amount of mass, it does not take a lot of energy to heat up Isodope to a hotter state of matter.








  • “Isodope” is a play on the words “Isotope” which is a version of an element with a different amount of neutrons than normal, and “dope” which is a slang term for “something that is either of high quality or admirable”.