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Itsy Glicky Spider is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet in 5 Years Later.


Itsy Glicky Spider is an arachnid-like alien with a furry cephalothorax, six legs, sharp teeth, two small pedipalps, two prominent eyestalks, and a big abdomen with a rear trunk with a metallic tip protruding from it. He wears a black and green suit over his abdomen, and black and green covers for his eyes.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his abdomen.


  • Web Generation- Itsy Glicky Spider has the ability to shoot webs at high speeds through his rear trunk.
  • Concentrated Projectiles- Itsy Glicky Spider is able to create a blockage in his trunk, concentrating the web inside until it becomes extremely dense, and then firing it as a high speed projectile.
  • Wall Scaling- Itsy Glicky Spider's legs are able to stick to surfaces, allowing him to stick to vertical surfaces.








  • Itsy Glicky Spider's name was selected through an online campaign set up by Ben's legal team to help with the funding of Omnitrix City, where beings could go onto the website and after donating, were able to either suggest a name or vote on a previously suggested one for a yet non-named transformation. At the end of the campaign, the winning name was “Itsy Glicky Spider”. Despite Ben being obviously trolled, due to the rules of the campaign, he is legally bound to call the transformation by that name, motivating Ben to look for other ways to help build funds for the city.