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Jasmine “Jazz” Fenton is a character in 5 Years Later. She is the older sister of Danny Fenton, Jazz Fenton was a member of Team Phantom, often protecting her brother's superhero identity.


Jazz is Caucasian with red hair and blue eyes. She has a slim and athletic build. She wears navy pants with crimson boots. She sports a yellow shirt with a heart, a blue jacket that reaches down to her elbows, and a nice blue scarf with a net pattern. She carries a beige purse and purple glasses.


Jazz is a very cheerful person with a love for helping others, always trying to support her younger brother Danny in any way she can. In addition to her kindness, she is also very intelligent and a hard worker. Her determination and intellect helped her achieve the highest score in the history of the CATs. However, she is not as knowledgeable about Ghost Hunting as her friends and family.


  • Intelligence- While she isn't quite as smart as her parents, Jazz still was an excellent student in High School and helped tutor a lot of the other kids.
  • Ghost Technology—Jazz has learned how to use various kinds of Fenton Tech, each of them having a specific use in fighting ghosts.


  • Human Weaknesses- Because Jazz is a human, she is susceptible to the weaknesses that most humans have.


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