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Jump Kick is the EVO fusion of Walkatrout, Grey Matter, Eye Guy, Molestache, Pesky Dust, The Worst, Crashhopper and Prick that Fallout Ben was transformed into during Chapter 7: Fold.


Jump Kick is a desaturated blue fish with two Orange and Blue eyes of differing sizes, he is in possession of fins, Ears and Hair of Argit's Species, a Molestache's mustache, and a tail that ends with the wings of Pesky Dust. Out of his body come out 2 green legs taken from Crashhopper. The uniform surrounds his tail. His modified Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.


  • Enhanced Jumping- Jump Kick can jump extremely long distances.
  • Enhanced Intelligence- Being part Galvan, Jump Kick possesses intelligence beyond that of a human.
  • Slippery Body- Jump Kick's body has a very slippery texture, allowing him to escape tough situations
  • Sleeping Quills- Jump Kick can fire quills from his back that are tipped with a sleep-inducing toxin.
  • Optic Beams- Jump Kick is able to fire beams of energy from his eyes.
  • Dream Manipulation- Jump Kick can manipulate the dreams of others.
  • Malleable Mustache- Jump Kick's mustache is free-forming, allowing him to change the shape and size of his mustache at will.
  • Enhanced Durability- Jump Kick's Atrocian DNA makes him nigh-indestructible.


  • Quills- Jump Kick can be harmed and affected by his own sleeping quills.
  • Pain- Although he is incredibly durable, he can still feel pain.




  • Out of the three EVO fusions from Chapter 7, he is the fusion of most species.
  • He was originally created as a joke.