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Junkyard Horas is a character in And Beyond. He first appeared in Design-Your-Own Horas Contest Winners! He is a robot created by the Plumbers.


Junkyard Horas appears as an amalgamation of various discarded tech and scraps. His head is that of an old T.V. with a broken screen. He has a white and black cylindrical mid-section that was formerly a blender, with wires appearing behind transparent glass. Located within the cylinder, is a built-in Null Void Projector. He has two arms, one being a tentacle and the other being a wire cord.


Horas has a good sense of humor (contrary to the common horas unit), though his humor is a little old as his software isn't updated.


  • Teleportation- Horas has a built-in Null Void Projectors which allows him to access other worlds and dimensions. However, it sometimes fails.
  • Flight- Horas is always hovering off the ground. He can move freely through space.
  • TV Signals- Horas can also receive signals and reproduce them in the screen of the TV he uses as a head, but the audio is a little muffled.


  • Fragile Body- Horas can be easily destroyed through various means.
  • Overheat- Horas sometimes needs to reboot because he can overheat and turn off.


  • He was built by the Plumbers as one of the first Horas models but then in of its DNA recollecting missions he was damaged badly and reconstructed with scraps and pieces of other Horas units and other tech from around the universe by aliens in an unknown planet. After being repaired, he came back to the plumber headquarters and continued his work.



  • The name Junkyard Horas comes from the fact that he was reconstructed in a planet that's basically a massive junkyard.
  • The TV he has on his head that resembles the TV in O.R.Ash's logo.
  • He sometimes plays old music from the 80s, so he doesn't get bored when he's alone.
  • His torso is a blender.