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Klean Kut is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Blazaki from the planet Declade in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


Klean Kut is an insect-like humanoid alien. He possesses a teal and black metallic exoskeleton, with silver spikes protruding out of his chest, feet, back, and head. He has four eyes and green details on his armor on his shoulders, thighs and head.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left shoulder.


  • Blade Protrusion- Klean Kut is able to morph his hands and protrude them as large, very sharp blades.
  • Metallic Exoskeleton- Klean Kut possesses a very durable exoskeleton that is strong enough to withstand a punch from a Tetramand.
  • Enhanced Strength- Klean Kut can deliver strong blows even when not using his blade.
  • Space Survivability- Klean Kut is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space.


  • Impaired Speed- Klean Kut's exoskeleton is heavy, making him unable to move quickly.


Declade is a planet with a medieval-like landscape, filled with hills, lakes and caves. It is home to many species, such as the Fareaders, that are blacksmiths, the Chaljime, who are described as the archers of Declade, and the Blazaki, the knights of the planet.

Blazakis start out their life as soft-shelled quadrupeds, as they age, they start to walk upright and their exoskeleton gets harder and grows more spikes overtime. The Blazakis have a caste system, with their color, durability and strength changing with their role. The commoners are teal, The soldiers are bronze, the generals are silver, and the royals are gold. Due to their medieval, military culture, many Blazakis end up as mercenaries if they ever leave their home planet.


Along with an Escloarian, a Flarajinn, and a Wolichian, Ben got these transformations when he was helping with the jailbreak in the Draco System of the Milky Way.




  • Klean Kut speaks in Old English.
  • Despite Klean Kut's armor having the appearance of a commoner, being the prime example of his species gives him the strength and durability to rival that of a royal.
  • His species and homeworld are inspired by the Tokusatsu series, Kamen Rider Blade.