Koisen is the Omnitrix's sample of a Shishiana from the planet Hoshipia located outside of the Local Group in 5 Years Later.


Koisen's body resembles a cross between a Koi fish and an Eel. He is appropriately four feet long and has a sickly-green color scheme for his scales and fins. He has two short pincers, which he uses to help himself swim and gather food and many black wiry appendages down his body. On each side sits two very large appendages, meant to resemble hands, giving him a more intimating appearance to ward off predators.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his head.


  • Sharp Quill Appendages- While the black-and-red appendages on his body resemble arms and legs, they are not actual limbs, but very sharp, flexible quills akin to cheese-wire, that Koisen maneuvers by fast and agile swimming.
  • Corrosive Venom- The intense sharpness of Koisen's quills can allow him to cut deep into predators very easily, which then releases an extremely potent venom into their body. The venom paralyzes the victim within seconds, then slowly rots them from the inside.


  • Frail Build- Koisen is mostly protected by his assortment of quills, but his body is very frail, should a predator land a fair hit.
  • Aquatic Maneuverability- Koisen also needs to be submerged in water to move and attack. Although the Omnitrix gives him life-support out of the water, he still needs to gain momentum by swimming to correctly maneuver his quills.


Before 5 Years Later

The Omnitrix collected Koisen's DNA sample at some point before the Battle in the Null Void.

5 Years Later


By Kevin


  • Koisen is the first 5YL transformation to debut by someone other than Ben. His DNA sample was used by Kevin in Chapter 7: Fold.

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