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Krypton is the home planet of the Kryptonians and the Rrejjoe in the Ben 10 Universe.


Krypton is an industrial metropolis planet, the closest in its system to the red star. 89% of its surface is covered with very dense, connected clusters of highly advanced militaristic cities, with the remaining 11% comprising caverns and cave systems known as the Darklands.


The planet is held together at the core by an Artificial Black Hole Generator developed by the Kryptonians to counteract the frequent instabilities of the planet due to its massive gravitational pull. These instabilities, coupled with over-harvesting of natural resources, have created the fractured landscape of Krypton.

The Darklands are a constantly shrinking region of Krypton, undeveloped and undisturbed beneath the main bulk of the planet. These regions can either be underground or unnoticed in the shadows between city sections, and are comprised of many deep red-colored caves and caverns composed of stone and a one-of-a-kind mineral, kryptonite.

The cities of the Kryptonians are made of vast quantities of kryptonite, mined from within the Darklands.

Krypton Landscape.png


Many Kryptonian city clusters on the surface, and the Artificial Black Hole Generator surrounding the core of the planet. Statues of Rao, the first God of the Kryptonians, are found on the planet.