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Kryptonians are a species from the planet Krypton in the Andromeda Galaxy in the Ben 10 Universe.


Under the light of a red star, both genders of Kryptonians are hairless humanoid aliens, standing between six and seven feet tall. They typically have red eyes and wear robes of black and gray, with males wearing a cape, and females wearing a long skirt.

Under the light of a yellow star, Kryptonians instead develop a full head of hair, and a more pronounced muscular system.


Under a red star, Kryptonians possess these abilities:

  • Enhanced Intellect- Kryptonians are very intelligent, capable of developing advanced technologies such as artificial black hole generators, Phantom Zone projectors, genesis pools and the OTTO Artificial Intelligence system.

Under a yellow star, Kryptonians unlock their full evolutionary potential and develop the following abilities:

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • High Invulnerability
  • Flight
  • Optic Blasts
  • Space Survivability


  • Red Sunlight- Due to red solar radiation, a common Kryptonian's cells are stunted in their development, leaving them without powers or hair.

Society and History

Kryptonians are not a native species of Krypton; instead, they are a nomadic species that colonized the planet centuries ago under the guidance of a Galvan. The intellect they possess led them to create many advanced technologies, earning them a technology level of 18, in order to outshine the Galvan, including discovering a dimensional space they dubbed the Phantom Zone, to rival the discovery of the Null Void.

Kryptonian reproduction is done within genesis pools, which were originally invented to mass produce armies and workforces. Using artificial insemination, young Kryptonians are grown off a genetic template to achieve maximum genetic potential.

A power-hungry, spiteful, and pompous race, Kryptonians are more than happy to prove themselves to any and all walks of life. Having endured invasions, natural disasters, and near-apocalyptic situations, they are an incredibly hardened species, and their remorseless attitude towards life was heavily influenced by Rao, the first super-powered Kryptonian to rule over all of Krypton, who proclaimed himself a god.

Rao set law by what he deemed right and wrong, ruling the Kryptonian hierarchy with an iron fist and commanding the armies against the enemies of his people. Whilst not a 'true' Kryptonian, instead hailing from a failed Kryptonian colony cut off from the primary colony, he attained his status amongst his people after a failed migration attempt, his ship having been attacked and left drifting in space, wherein he was pulled into the orbit of a yellow star.

Exposure to this yellow solar radiation over a period of three years granted him powers beyond the imaginings of a common Kryptonian, and to keep this power secret, Rao restricted planetary travel, allowing only those of his bloodline to develop the power. Each ruler would shoot their heir into the next solar system to absorb the yellow solar radiation, and crown them the new ruler on their return, creating a lineage of false gods and a dictatorship all the way through history to the current leader, Kod-Zel.

Despite being unable to leave the planet, the common Kryptonians are still burdened with knowledge of the wider universe, and so send out Eradictors, robots created to collect information and assess civilizations. Should a civilization pose a threat to the Kryptonian hierarchy, they are promptly destroyed.

Notable Kryptonians

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  • Ben does not have a Kryptonian form, as the Kryptonian royal family keeps the planet well-hidden from other intergalactic travelers.
  • One of the abandoned colonies of Kryptonians would eventually end up on the planet Vegeta, and would subsequently evolve into Saiyans.