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Lank is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Irken from the planet Irk from the Invader Zim Universe in 5 Years Later.


Lank has long, double-jointed arms with long fingers while his antenna was sharp and firm.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the left side of his chest.


  • Sharp Antenna- Lank's antenna consists of sharp talons that are capable of cutting through soft surfaces, being employed as a weapon in combat.
  • High Intellect- Being an Irken, Lank possesses intelligence above the average human.


  • PAK- The PAK on his back provides Lank access to some techno-based equipment and makes him a low-level technopath.


  • Polluted Water- Lank's skin is sensitive to polluted water, causing burns by any type of contact.
  • Meat- Lank has a weakness concerning most Earth meats, as they burn his flesh when making contact with him.
  • PAK Removal- Lank can't survive for long without his PAK. In addition, the PAK is connected to his nervous system. As a result, removing the PAK would result in incredible pain.


While Irkens have become so dependent on technology that they've evolved to be small, stubby, and frail, the Omnitrix replenished the Irken form to its superior state. Irkens were always builders and constructors at heart. In their prime, their long, double-jointed arms with long fingers were excellent for harvesting food and supplies, while their antenna were sharp and firm, acting as natural tools for their craft.[1]





  • Lank is one of Ben's few transformations not native to his own Universe.
  • According to the 2/4/2021 Drawing with Kuro stream Ben obtaining Lank was originally planned to be shown in the comic, but he cut the scene to avoid constant questions about when Lank would show up.
  • Lank appears distinctly different from the majority of Irkens, with the closest living Irkens to resemble him being their leaders the Tallest. This is due to being a optimized version of the Irken genetics, like Bullfrag and Power Plant.