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Volumes organize the chapters into sets of threes. Since 5 Years Later is planned to have twelve chapters, there will be four volumes of 5 Years Later.

Volume 1

Vol 1 Cover 2021.png
Covers Chapters
Ch1 Cover.png Chapter 1: Alienated

Danny Fenton, five years after retiring from his teenage heroics, helps his father with his latest passion project: cross-dimensional travel.

Ch2 Cover.png Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost

After spending five years lost in space, Vlad Masters reflects on his past before receiving a visit from a mysterious stranger.

Ch3 Cover.png Chapter 3: Reunion

Vlad returns to fight his old arch-nemesis once again, but this time Danny has some help from another dimension on his side.

Volume 2

Vol 2 Cover 2021.png
Covers Chapters
Ch4 Cover FINAL.png Chapter 4: The Fallen Gods

Eon recalls the history of his people and how he became what he is today.

Ch5 Cover.png Chapter 5: Oversight

An oversight by a Plumber recruit results in the Plumber Base being infiltrated.

Ch6 cover.png Chapter 6: Weightless

The clock is ticking as The Heroes try to stop Eon's Alliance from obtaining the power of a fresh Dwarf Star.

Volume 3

Vol 3 Cover 2021.png
Covers Chapters
Ch7 Cover.png Chapter 7: Fold

Both sides prepare for a final assault, reflecting on their own morality and decisions.

Ch8 Cover Wiki.png Chapter 8: Risen

The Orion Squad struggle to hold down Plumber HQ. Meanwhile, Eon's goal is finally revealed as The Heroes do their best to prevent it.

Ch9 Cover-min.png Chapter 9: Time Out

Eon has ascended to godhood, placing The Heroes in a battle to save The Multiverse.

Volume 4

Vol 4 Cover 2021.png
Covers Chapters
Ch10 Cover.png Chapter 10: Again

With The Heroes divided, Danny and Ben need to work together, but conflicts arise with Danny's new powers. Meanwhile, Paradox and Clockwork discuss Eon's history.

Ch11 COVER.png Chapter 11: Shattered

Danny and Ben must save the multiverse, but the more powerful they get, so do their enemies.

TBA Cover.png Chapter 12


TBA Cover.png Chapter 13


TBA Cover.png Chapter 14




  • Volume 1 centers more around Danny, while Volume 2 centers more around Ben
  • Volume 3 centers around the beginning of the war in 5 Years Later.