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Loboans are a species from the moon Luna Lobo in the Anur System in the Ben 10 Universe.


A Loboan's appearance is based on a werewolf. They have grayish-purple fur, some have a long flowing mane, and large bushy tails with three sharp claws on each hand and foot. One of them serves as the thumb, while the others serve as the fingers. They also have spiked elbows and shoulders.

Their jaws have four hinges and can open outward. The inside of a Loboan's mouth has been shown to be purple, green, or red.


  • Ultrasonic Howl - Loboans can emit a powerful ultrasonic howl by opening their quadra-hinged muzzles, that can either reflect incoming projectiles or propel themselves upward like a rocket booster. Their sonic howls are powerful enough to damage Petrosapiens.
  • Enhanced Senses - Loboans have enhanced senses of smelling and hearing, giving them great tracking and detection abilities. They also possess enhanced strength, durability, agility, reflexes, speed, and stamina.
  • Canine Traits - Much like ordinary wolves, Loboans have sharp fangs, formidable claws, and extraordinary night vision. Both the claws on a Loboan feet and their tails are prehensile, the latter of which can be used to suppress fire.


  • Acute Hearing - Similar to most Earth canines, Loboans have sensitive hearing. Therefore, they cannot handle loud noises.

Society and History

Hunting is the most popular pastime for Loboans for many reasons. Loboans are very athletic and strategic predators, and when in packs, will herd together and circle the prey through chase, and then use their howling to stun them, so that they can go in for the kill.

Because of the overabundance of game on Luna Lobo, Loboans will regularly sell pelts and meats to surrounding planets, but because of their playful and kind nature, they will also chase prey for sport, releasing them to run another day.

Loboans typically live as they hunt, in packs, containing between six to twelve individuals, all with various assigned tasks, such as gatherers, hunters, and crafters.

Despite their friendly nature, Loboans can be very territorial, and once a home is marked, if any outsiders enter without permission from the pack leader, they are met with a literal shouting match.

In cases such as this, Loboans have their own style of diplomacy, having the two opposing individuals each sit on the top of stone spires and attempt to knock the other off by howling. The last on their spire is declared the winner.

Notable Loboans