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"Orion Squad, Let's Run This!"

Captain Lula is a Plumber in 5 Years Later and the leader of The Orion Squad. She first appeared in Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost. She is a Citrakayah from the planet Chalybeas in the Ben 10 Universe.


Lula is a feline-like alien with yellow eyes. She has light and dark purple fur around her body. Along with a blue mark on her forehead, she also has a triangular nose. She wears a standard issue of the Plumber's uniform.


"She cares too much about trying to prove herself to make a clear-minded decision."
Ben Tennyson[src]

Lula has been shown to exhibit good leadership qualities, as she is Captain of the Orion Squad. However, she is also shown to put her gut feelings over direct orders at times, showing she still has room to grow as a leader. Lula holds a deep insecurity over her speed, due to the Citrakayah race often being considered inferior to the Kinecelerans.


  • Enhanced Speed- Lula can run at extreme speeds, being a young Citrakayah. The fur on her arms and legs help with her aerodynamics while running, enabling her to keep her balance.
  • Enhanced Sensory Receptor- Lula has powerful hearing and smell, and can see with little-to-no light.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Lula can react to obstacles and attacks at extraordinary speeds.
  • Enhanced Strength- Lula's super strength allows her to carry large objects while in motion, as well as successfully fight much larger, tougher opponents.


  • Klawz- Lula has multiple knives that she has named her 'Klawz', which are modified Plumber throwing weapons. She chose these weapons as, due to the curvature of the throw, allows her to aim better when moving at super speeds, opposed to a gun.

Lula using her Enhanced Speed


  • Momentum- If Lula is running fast enough, she has trouble stopping.
  • Fur- The way her fur grows helps keep her balance while running. If her fur is damaged, it can impact her aerodynamics and balance.


Early Life

Lula was born on the planet Chalybeas, living an uneventful life. Due to the rivalry between the Citrakayah race and the Kinecelerans, Lula grew a deep insecurity that she would be unable to exceed her potential. Lula often listened to broadcasts chronicling the adventures of Ben Tennyson, who she admired as a hero. During a mission, Ben was required to quickly evacuate a planet and instead of choosing to transform into his perceived to be faster Kineceleran form, he selected his Citrakayahian transformation, Fasttrack, being able to evacuate the planet in time, proving the Citrakayahian's worth to the galaxy. Being inspired by his actions, Lula's confidence in her own abilities grew, and she enrolled into the Plumbers. She eventually was assigned to join The Orion Squad, due to impressing Ben Tennyson with her dedication and skills.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 4), Lula warned Ben Tennyson and Danny Fenton of a security threat from Max's Plumbing, a Plumber Outpost stationed in Bellwood, accidently interrupting a conversation between the two on how to get Fenton back to his home dimension. Despite offering to go with the two, Ben politely ordered her to stay at the base to guard it in case of an attack, and keep the other members of the squad in line.
  • In Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 2-24), Lula and the rest of The Orion Squad are together in Lula's post, waiting to see if there are any threats on base. Her teammates start to question her, but they decide to hear her out. She tells them that if they need to face an actual threat, they would be together to do so. The life form alert then goes off, causing Lula to lead the squad to the teleport hub to get ready to fight. Danny and Ben come through, and Ben asks if there were any security threats while they were gone. When Lula tells Ben there weren't, Ben discovers a software breach in the Plumber database. This causes the two to get into an argument about Lula's leadership skills. Ben later calls the Orion Squad to meet up at the transport hangar to tell them that Cooper will be their acting leader in his absence. Lula then asks Ben if it was because of what happened earlier, leading to an argument that causes Ben to lose his cool and Lula to storm off. As Ben and the others leave on the plumber ship, Lula watches them from a monitor.
  • In Chapter 8: Risen (Page 8–51), Lula assigns Eve to look for GoTro and after not receiving any new assignments from Cooper, sends Crawnch to look for him who gets into a battle with Skulker. Lula, along with the rest of Orion Squad, join Crawnch and are able to defeat him and trap him. After the successful battle, she heads to the Plumber Lab to talk to Blukic and Driba and asks for progress on The Ghost Portal. Cooper finishes the device and Lula, along with GoTro, Crawnch, and Cooper, travel to Zim's Dimension in the upgraded Specter Speeder to warn The Heroes about Eon's plans.
  • In Chapter 9: Time Out (Page 11), Lula is saved by GoTro from falling into lava, as a result of a single punch from a now evolved Eon.
  • In Chapter 10: Again (Page 3–29), Lula is defeated and captured by Technus and the Alternative Ben Tennysons to taunt Ben.
  • In Chapter 11: Shattered. Lula, Crawnch and GoTro were sent free-falling though the Temporal Zone once Divinity’s portal disappeared, but were saved by Future Fenton. After being warned of Big Ben, ⁣Lula offers to defeat the Omni-Chimera. She and Crawnch calm down a frightened GoTro, and use Fenton’s Tech to form the Orion Knight. They go to assist Ben by using their Specter Star to slice off the organic generator coil on Big Ben’s arm, and blow Vlad away with an ecto-energy amplified seismic clap. Ben and the Squad, now fighting as equals, agree to handle Vlad and Big Ben together.



  • Lula was created to give Ben someone to be “A Grandpa Max” to, showing Ben's growth as a character and Plumber since the end of Ben 10: Omniverse.
    • She is the only Orion Squad Member who isn't based on an Ink-Tank member.
  • The Citrakayah species was chosen for Lula for two reasons:
    • Fasttrack (or any Citrakayahs) never appeared in Ben 10: Omniverse.
    • Fasttrack is generally disliked by many Ben 10 fans, and Kuro wanted to do justice to the more negatively-received parts of the Ben 10 Franchise in 5YL.
  • Lula's special throwing knives are similar in design to Batman's Batarangs.