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Luna Lobo is a forest moon and the second home planet of the Loboans in the Anur System from the Ben 10 Universe.


Loboans previously lived on their home planet, Anur Lobo, but in the early days of the system, Anur Transyl, being Anur's largest planet, was constantly thrown back and forth by Anur Phaetos's unbalanced gravitational pull, causing it to collide with its neighboring planets. This resulted in the complete destruction of Anur Lobo, forcing the Loboans to find a new home, with some moving to Luna Lobo.

Despite the moons size, the Loboan population is quite large, so as a way to solve overpopulation, many Loboans will only be on moon to hunt or chase, and their residence itself will be below, on Transyl.


Luna Lobo consists of one giant forest, teaming with a variety of non intelligent, mammal type life.

Luna Lobo landscape