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5 Years later Wiki

Mana is a naturally occurring, yellow-colored source of life energy within the Ben 10 Universe.


Mana can be manipulated and controlled by a range of species across the universe, for numerous purposes, including energy blasts, barriers, telekinesis, and shields. It can also be used to heal.


There exists a few species that manipulate a derivative of Mana, called Ki. Much like Mana, Ki can be used to create offensive energy blasts, as well as for more peaceful means, such as encouraging plant growth. In the case of the Saiyans, Ki can be used to transform into a more powerful physical form.

There are ten types of Ki are known to exist, this is due to Ki being a representation of one’s soul. Ki will manifest in various colors based on someone’s true self i.e. a negative person, prideful person, introverted person, etcetera. However, it should be noted that all Ki functions the same regardless of color.

Due to the connection all life shares it has been shown that one’s Ki can influence others. Examples are; Those with stronger, more dominating aura can repress others. Empathetic people can also be affected by others’ Ki [the is comparable to experiencing second-hand stress or embarrassment].

Mastering Ki requires mastering both the mind and body. ”When you free your mind, you are at your most powerful”  The method of achieving this is through Chakras, which is derived from Ki in a similar manner to how magic is derived from Mana. When you master your seven Chakras, you then in-tune with yourself and have mastered your Ki as a result. In a way, Chakras are the instruction manuals for Ki.  

Once someone has mastered their own Ki, they can move on to mastering others and understanding all types of life. The more types of Ki one masters the more powerful they become. It is easier for sympathetic/emphatic people to master the other Ki types, this is because they have an easier time mentally putting themselves in the perspectives of others. Which is required to master other Ki types as they are not your true life energy.

There are ten Ki types. Each Ki type has it’s own seven Chakras. Leading to a total of seventy Chakras required to master all Ki types.


Magic is also derived from Mana, and can be manipulated into a variety of effects, the majority of which are seen through the use of spells. Magic is typically pink in color.

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