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Mantabolt is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Baltorpetridean from the planet Siccabiro in 5 Years Later.


Mantabolt is a humanoid manta ray-like transformation with gray and light blue scales, along with purple skin. He has a long, gray tentacle on his head, with a green, white and black brace near the end of the tentacle. At the end of the tentacle is a silver claw, which can discharge electricity. He wears a white and black uniform and has green electricity running from his shoulder to his wrist.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his left pectoral.


  • Electromagnetic Fields- Mantabolt can create body-encompassing electro-magnetic fields at will.
  • Electrokinesis- Mantabolt is able to discharge electricity in lightning arcs and streams from his hands and tail.
  • Magnetokinesis- Mantabolt can manipulate magnetic fields.
  • Underwater Survivability- Mantabolt is able to breathe underwater.
  • Enhanced Swimming- When underwater, Mantabolt can swim at high speeds.
  • Enhanced Biology- Mantabolt possesses strength, agility, and endurance that far surpass most humans.


  • Electrocution- Mantabolt can electrocute himself if he uses his abilities in excess underwater.
  • Insulation- Mantabolt cannot use his electrokinetic/magnetic abilities if he is insulated.
  • Head Tentacle- If Mantabolt's head tentacle is grasped, he will be unable to use his abilities and rendered useless.
  • High Temperatures- Mantabolt is highly vulnerable to intense heat or fire.


Mantabolt's species, the Baltorpetrideans, sprouted up from the primordial tide pools of their homeworld Siccabiro as small, tadpole-like mantas, possessing a unique evolutionary trait: a magnetic field, much like that of an electric eel. This magnetic field allowed them to become the predator of all species within the tide pools, and as evolution went on, they quickly developed into the dominant species and made the transition from the water to land.

Once on land, the Baltorpetrideans began utilizing their magnetic field more offensively, turning it into a form of electrokinesis, which is now how they hunt. During this time, they were an amphibious species, able to breathe in the water and on land; however, as their electrokinesis became more potent on dry land, the species as a whole lost the ability to control their magnetic field when submerged, and as such must now completely turn off the magnetic field whenever they enter the water. The Baltorpetrideans have become a simple fishing people, dipping their insulated tails into the water to shock fish, and collecting those which rise to the surface.

Baltorpetrideans can light up their scales to attract potential mates.


Prior to 5 Years Later[]

  • In The Message, Mantabolt calls Blukic and Driba to tell them about an issue with the Omnitrix when trying to play an old message, before being interrupted by and forced to engage Psyphon.



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