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The Massive is a command ship of the Irken Armada. It was first seen in Chapter 5: Oversight. It was later destroyed in Chapter 6: Weightless.


The Massive is about the size of a small planet, with a pink and purple color pattern. It's main body is protruded by subsections and weapons. On the front of the Massive, there is a large Insignia of the Irken Empire in black.


  • Space Transportation- The Massive's primary function is to travel through galaxies.
  • Energy Absorption- With modifications, it can contain equipment efficient enough to drain a star.
  • Shielding- The ship was protected by a low frequency filter of Ecto-Energy.


Skirmish in Invader Zim's Dimension



  • The Massive is a top-of-the-line Irken spaceship, with a limited amount of them built. One is used by The Tallest, The Irken's leaders, as their base of operations.
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