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You're only as good as the hero you think you are.Chapter 7: Fold

Magistratus Max Tennyson' is a character in 5 Years Later from the Ben 10 Universe. He is a founding member of Ben's Team and Magistratus of the Plumbers.


Max Tennyson is an aged male human with grey hair, brown eyes, and a bushy beard. He wears a red shirt with yellow floral designs on it. He also wears a brown and white cap, which has since been damaged in the Limax War.


Max is very caring for his grandchildren and is usually the source of their moral support and advice.


  • Combative Training- Since he is the highest-ranking member of the Plumbers, he has received many years of combat practice and is quite athletic for his age.
  • Weaponry Skills- Over the many years of him being a Plumber, he has handled many types of weapons and understands how they function.
  • Alien Knowledge- He has a lot of experience with alien culture from decades of voyages and missions through the universe.
  • Piloting Skills- Max is a former United States Air Force Pilot and experience in flying a variety of aerial vehicles including helicopters and spaceships.


  • Human Weaknesses- Because Max is a human, he is susceptible to the weaknesses that most humans have.


Before 5 Years Later

  • Prior to the events of 5 Years Later and sometime after Omniverse, Max Tennyson was promoted to Magistratus, the highest Plumber rank, and is currently leading the entire Plumber fleet. He is currently working with the fleet to contain the Limax infestation.

5 Years Later

  • In Chapter 1: Alienated, Rook Blonko contacted Max Tennyson to inform him that the situation has escalated. 
  • In Chapter 2: The Lonely Ghost (Page 3), Max appears in a flashback as Ben explains his backstory.
  • He was mentioned in Chapter 5: Oversight (Page 13), where it is noted that he was promoted to Magistratus. Due to leading the entire Plumber fleet, he couldn't take time off to see Ben, Kevin, and Gwen all together again.
  • In Chapter 7: Fold, Max is called by his grandson Ben, who asks for his grandfather's advice after multiple failed missions.



  • Max was the last mainstay character from Ben 10 to make an appearance in 5YL. He first appeared in Chapter 7: Fold via hologram, and has yet to make a physical appearance.

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