Mentioned-only Characters

List of characters that have only been mentioned in 5 Years Later so far.

Notable Characters

Proctor Servantis

Servantis was the leader of the Rooters, an ex-sub division of the Plumbers operating in the Null Void. It was revealed that their operations were secretly planning to assassinate Ben by putting together a team of child agents who were experimented on to have alien powers.

Prior to 5 Years Later he and the Rooters were arrested by Ben and his team.

Ben and Rook met Danny in his old base of operations in Chapter 1: Alienated.

Dr. Logic

Dr. Logic was a name self-given to a former adversary-turned-enemy of Ben and the Plumbers.

He developed a special combat suit for Kevin Levin to use in the field made with a material said to simulate the tensile strength and flexibility of a Galvanic Mechamorph, allowing Kevin to easily shift in-and-out of various shapes and sizes without worrying about damaging his outfit. Dr. Logic disagreed heavily with the way Ben handled using his Omnitrix, obsessed with strategy and “the most logical outcome”, articulating even the finest details of every mission. Blinded by his goal to “fine-tune humanity”, Dr. Logic eventually forced Ben into a scenario with an impossible morally-correct choice, challenging everything Ben stood for as a hero.

All evidence of the event was wiped from Plumber Archives, and Ben has not talked about him since. The mysterious event changed Ben's ways of how he used the Omnitrix from that point forward. He was mentioned briefly by Lula in Chapter 5: Oversight.

The Almighty Tallest

The Tallest are the leaders of the Irken civilization. They have chosen to go to war with the entire universe. Their grand plan of conquering everything is called Operation Impending Doom II.

They have sent Zim to Earth because they don't like him and wanted to get rid of him, but Zim still fully believes that he is a real Irken Invader and that taking over the Earth is his mission. Zim was even planning on betraying Eon for the Tallest.

Jimmy Jones

James “Jimmy” Jones is a fifteen-year-old human hailing from the Ben 10 Universe, who was able to deduce Ben Tennyson's secret identity, leaking it online when he was nine years old. He has since become a paranormal investigator and contact of the Plumbers, running a website on the Extranet, where he records documentaries on different alien worlds. He also has an official business as a licensed junior investigator, although the majority of people hire him as a novelty, or amusement, rarely receiving real cases.

Gwendolyn Tennyson enlisted his help in identifying Vlad Masters's escape from the Battle in Bellwood, with Jimmy deducing that Vlad had escaped through a temporal rift.

Magister Patelliday

Magister Patelliday is a Pisciss Volann who is second-in-command of the Earth's Plumbers. He has a long history as a Plumbers and is good friends with his superior Max Tennyson. He has a calm, albeit excitable personality. His skills as a Plumber are well-renowned.

In Episode 7:Kylmyys, he was mentioned during the debacle involving the mass-printing of Horas units cause by Ben as a prank.

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