Methanos is the home planet of the Methanosians and the Xolbrines from the Ben 10 Universe.


One of the most toxic planets in its system, Methanos is located near the sun of its system, which causes the overabundance of methane on the surface to evaporate. Due to this constant evaporation, the planets atmosphere is 52% Methane, making it unbreathable for most carbon-based lifeforms.

The planet is home to a various array of sentient flora, most of which are cannibalistic, and through this cycle of vicious vegetarians, there are two species which have grown to become the dominant inhabitants: The Methanosians and the Xolbrines.

The sentient flora of Methanos contain a special form of chlorophyll known as Ziellphyll. This compound increases their intellectual development, and is the reason these species are sentient and what differs them from any other trees or weeds on the planet. Most of these species are however, not intelligent, being more akin to a wild animal.


On the surface, Methanos appears to be nothing but a series of swamp and marshlands, thanks to an overabundance of liquid methane perforated throughout the planets crust from countless underground deposits, that, at times, can escape creating large geysers of fire.

Thanks to it being so close to the sun of its system, this methane is constantly evaporated and mixed into the air, creating a thick, warm, and muggy atmosphere.


The planet is covered with clearings in the forests that the Methanosians will create instead of building homes.




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