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Milit Lagish are a species from the planet Anur Millgan in the Anur System in 5 Years Later.


The Milit Lagish are bipedal aquatic reptiles with a body length of eight to nine feet. They have light scaly skin with a dark green seaweed-like hide that they can generate from anywhere on their body. They have purple eyes and black lips, with two long tendrils with a purple glow at the ends. They have two arms and legs and a long fish-like tail.


  • Bioluminescent Tendrils- Their tendrils produce a purple glow, allowing them to traverse the dark waters of Anur Millgan.
  • Hide Generation- Milit Lagish can produce a thick seaweed-like hide from anywhere on their body and use it as a protective cocoon.
  • Enhanced Durability- Should their hide be pierced, they have tough solid scales for additional protection.
  • Underwater Survivability- Milit Lagish can breathe and swim underwater.


  • Dehydration- Although their air pockets can store enough water to keep them alive for around three hours, they will quickly die of dehydration for any longer periods of time.

Society and History

Due to the lack of sunlight on the planet, the Milit Lagish are unable to tell time, so they will work themselves until exhaustion for days on end. After around eighteen hours of rest, they will immediately repeat their grueling routine. They will spend their time gathering food for the Ganic Lagorge and keeping them happy. The secretion expunged by the Ganic Lagorge are vital to the Milit Lagish and the entire ecosystems' survival.

Occasionally, the Milit Lagish will travel onto land to hunt for prey found only on the surface. Their limited water supply forces them to quickly hunt for as much food as possible before going back underwater.

When Millit Lagish pass away, they are wrapped in a rare sea kelp and fed to the Ganic Lagorge. This is considered a great honor, as by being consumed they are helping their ecosystem thrive by feeding the Lagorge one last time.

Notable Milit Lagish