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Mimicstein is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Coglomersapien from the planet Galvan M in 5 Years Later.

This transformation was a commission and not valid for use by other projects outside of the 5YL Wiki without permission from the original creator.


In his default appearance, Mimicstein appears as an amalgamation of various Earth fauna. He has a lizard-like upper body, with some physical characteristics resembling a dolphin. He has blue and yellow skin, as well as a yellow beak. He has purple feathers on his wrists and yellow bird-like talons for hands. He wears a green belt and a black, green, and white uniform along his chest to his waist. He has a tiger-like lower body, with blue fur and black stripes. The front pair of legs being green reptilian and the back more feline. He has a black scorpion tail with a stinger.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Enhanced Strength- Mimicstein is strong enough to lift a small car over his head.
  • Enhanced Speed- Mimicstein can run at speeds up to 55 mph.
  • Underwater Breathing- Mimicstein can breathe underwater using the gills on his neck.
  • Sharp Tail- Mimicstein can use his scorpion-like tail as a sharp weapon.
  • Power Mimicry- Mimicstein is able to mimic the powers of any other creature he can see. His body will morph in order to best utilize the gained abilities. (Examples: If he sees a Tetramand, he will bulk up with muscle and grow and an extra set of arms. If he sees a Lepidopterran, his eyes will grow stalks that he can shoot slime out of and large insect wings. If he sees a Petrosapien, his body will be covered in diamonds, and he can grow and shoot diamonds at will.)


  • Imperfect Mimicry- He cannot always perfectly mimic another alien’s powers. Aliens like Alien X or Way Big cannot be perfectly mimicked due to their godly powers or large size.
  • Mimicry Limit- Any mimicked abilities will only last a few minutes if the mimicked alien is not in Mimicstein’s line of sight.


Before Primus disappeared, there was an error in the Codon Stream that spawned the Conglomersapiens, a mixture of unstable DNA that’s constantly changing. Azmuth discovered them living on Primus for a short time, and helped them migrate to the much more inhabitable Galvan M.






  • Mimicstein’s prototype design resembled a mutation that Kevin Levin might go through, but it was changed to better fit the canon.
  • Mimicstein’s current design was partially inspired by the alien race known as the Andalites from the Animorphs series of books.
  • Mimicstein's species and their origin bear a strong similarity to that of Upgrade's species, as both were created by Azmuth, and both races alter and enhance their bodies through outside means.