Mindwipe is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Psych-Morbian from the planet Phlexron in 5 Years Later.


Mindwipe has a purple humanoid body, with four fingers on each hand and two toes at the end of his feet. He has a green and black uniform that covers his entire chest, forearms, and quadriceps. His head bears a resemblance to stereotypical aliens, with a long head, two large, green eyes, and a purple orb on the center of his forehead.

The Omntrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Telepathy- Mindwipe has incredibly powerful telepathic abilities. He can project his thoughts and read minds, as well as using his abilities to create a way of harm called "Brain blasts."
  • Elasticity- Mindwipe has great elasticity, he can can shift, contort, and bend to great lengths.


  • Cold Temperatures- Mindwipe, when exposed to cold temperatures, can be fully immobilized.


Phlexron is one united society. The civilization is very advanced and everyone on the planet has a psychic link to everyone else, allowing the entire planet to live in harmony. This telepathic link, allows for everyone to have a say in large decisions. Their flexibility is often used when working on and in the advanced machinery, that acts as the foundation of their society. While not being the strongest or most intelligent species, the Psych-Morbians still manage to get by with their unity.






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