5 Years later Wiki

Mix Master is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cedoian from the planet Fla'mNik in 5 Years Later.


Mix Master is a small, blue gremlin-like alien with four green eyes. He wears a black, green and white outfit.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.


  • Transmutation- Mix Master can transmute matter by reshaping an of inanimate object's molecular formula from one elemental material to another by transferring body energy into entity through touch and focus.
  • Shape Manipulation- Mix Master can also reshape structure of inanimate objects on a molecular level to physically mold entity into different shapes.
  • Liquid Mimicry- Mix Master can consume almost any liquid, in any quantity, and mimic its molecular build within his body. Then, he can exert a replication of said liquid through bleeding or urination.
  • Energy Orb Creation- Mix Master can exert his body energy into orb form between his hands. These energy orbs have multiple uses.
  • Metabolism Booster- If applied to a living organism, the orb's energy will transfer into the organism's body and merge with their own energy, revitalizing the organism and boosting its natural senses for a variable amount of time: The size of organism's body rate of energy usage, divided by the initial energy before fusion, equals the amount of time boost will last.
  • Malleability Booster- If applied to an inanimate entity, the orb's energy will increase the overall malleability of said entity, depending on its mass and previous durability.
  • Chemistry Proficiency- Mix Master possesses vast knowledge in the scientific field of chemistry, allowing him to more efficiently utilize his transmutation abilities and immediately identify nearly any chemical.


  • Equivalent Exchange Limits- All alchemical abilities must always follow the law and limitations of the concept Equivalent Exchange, which infers that in order to obtain or create something, something of equal value must be lost or destroyed.
  • Atomic Number- The higher the atomic number of the product element on the Periodic Table of Elements, the less of the original element will remain after transmutation.
  • Conservation Of Mass- Physical structure reshaping must follow the laws of Conservation of Mass; If made longer and/or wider than original entity, product entity will possess reduced density and weight.
  • States Of Matter- Transmutation can only occur from one element to another in the same state of matter; Solid cannot be transmuted to liquid, but Solid can be transmuted to another solid.
  • Fluid Capacity- Regarding the transmutation of chemicals within body, organisms can only lose so much body fluid before consequences such as dehydration, delirium, fatigue, etc. occur.
  • Orb Energy Transfer- Not only does the energy of the orb have to be syphoned and removed from starting body energy, but it requires more energy to create the orb.
  • Combat Deficiency- Mix Master is physically weak and inept in any type of combat.