Mulgogians are a species from the planet Terradino in 5 Years Later.


Male Mulgogians are humanoid fish aliens with yellow and brown skin, pale white eyes and a fishtail like appendage on their heads. They have six gills located on their necks.

Female Mulgogians look generally the same, but are more slender with light brown tentacles instead of the fishtail appendage.

Mulgogians generally stand at a height of five to six feet tall.


  • Arm Inflation- Mulgogians are able to inflate their arms up to seven times their original size. When they inflate, their arms gain increased strength and durability.
  • Underwater Breathing- Mulgogians are able to breathe underwater.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Mulgogians possess incredible reaction times.


  • Dehydration- Mulgogians cannot last long in dry climates.

Society and History

Mulgogians evolved from various aquatic species from the subterranean ocean underneath the surface of the planet.

Mulgogians (known locally as Mudfish), live in underground cities of elaborate tunnels, which they built with the help of their arm inflation ability. While digging, they would find various minerals and precious metals they would later learn to cultivate and craft into “Level 2” tech, such as tools and simple machines. Despite being underground, and considered to be the lowest on the caste system of the planet, their society is far more advanced than the surface-dwellers of the planet.

Mulgogian Underwater Tunnel System

On multiple occasions, Mulgogians have attempted to migrate to the surface and make peace with its inhabitants, but were met with attacks by hungry Skyskimmers (Pturbosaurians), and accidental trampling by the Ground Shakers (Vaxasaurians). Many still wished to see the sun and wanted to move above ground, despite this, and thanks to the work of Ambassador Ez'rah, multiple Mulgogians were granted clearance to move to the surface, on the condition they kept their technologies a secret. Many complications occurred because some residents were so accustomed to their lifestyle, and many snuck tech up to the surface against protocol. This angered the higher-ups, who labeled these individuals as criminals, and banished them to stay on the surface of the planet without their precious technology. As a result, the Ambassador's project was called off.

Those that were now above ground became hostile, and would constantly steal from other surface-dwellers just to survive. Because of this and their natural abilities, these individuals would be labeled as "Grippers". Despite these actions, Ground Shaker's respected and had no quarrel with Grippers. This was because a Gripper sacrificed himself to save the lives of multiple Ground Shaker's from a Tyrannopede by intentionally letting it swallow him and inflating his arms in its throat, blocking its air flow, and suffocating it, and sadly, himself as well. This created a great respect among Ground Shakers for Grippers.

Despite this, Grippers were mocked by the Skyskimmers. Tensions rose from this and a constant feud between Grippers and Skyskimmers formed, with one looking down on the other, and one demanding respect.

Notable Mulgogians


  • Because they evolved from fish and felt strange about eating them, for a long time they would feed on underwater insects. They eventually got over this.
  • Mulgogians have specific tunnels dedicated to power generation, that are closed off with stone to prevent water from damaging the machinery. Power Lines will run under and along the walls of caves to supply power and light.
  • They hatch from eggs.
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