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NRG is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Prypiatosian-B from the planet Prypiatos in the Andromeda Galaxy in 5 Years Later.


NRG is a humanoid alien. His radioactive body has skeleton-like qualities with trails of loose energy. He has silver wrist gauntlets and black shorts for his uniform. To protect surrounding lifeforms, he wears a containment suit.

When absorbing enough energy, his body becomes very muscular, and grows more organic features like a nose, fingers, and a tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Energy Absorption- NRG can absorb heat, light, radiation, Ecto-Energy and any type of energy, including magic. The more energy he absorbs, the more muscular, big and powerful he becomes.
  • Energy Blast- Inside his suit, NRG is able to shoot the absorbed energy blasts that are strong enough to corrode or melt metal, through the vents in his suit. Outside his suit, NRG is able to shoot bigger, more powerful balls of energy that can cause immense amounts of damage.
  • Lava Eruptions Generation- NRG is capable of channeling his heat underground, causing massive lava eruptions in the ground.
  • Enhanced Strength- NRG has a strength large enough to break free from a Vaxasaurian grip very easily.
  • Flight- NRG is able to fly when outside of his suit.
  • Enhanced Durability – The NRG suit is virtually indestructible, protecting him from most attacks even without his armor. NRG is very resistant to high power attacks.
  • Light Generation- Outside his suit, NRG's radiation can act a significantly bright source of light.
  • Advanced Biological Immunity- NRG's body has immunity to multiple harmful substances, including Ice, Radiation, and Lead.
  • Space Survivability- NRG can survive in the vacuum of space.
  • Intangibility- NRG can turn his body intangible to pass through walls or other solid objects.


  • Containment Suit- NRG wears a protective containment suit to keep civilians safe from radiation poisoning. This suit is made of a mixture of lead and Taydenite.


  • Lingering Radiation- Because he is radioactive, he can't be around people without severely harming them. In order to avoid this, he usually is contained in a heavy suit.
  • Absorption Pain and Limit- NRG will feel pain when absorbing certain types of energy, such as ecto-energy. He also has a limit to the amount he can absorb.
  • Carbon-Buffer Rods- Carbon buffer rods can slow down nuclear reactions, thereby inhibiting the radiation that NRG generates.


  • In Chapter 6: Weightless (Page 30–36) , Ben turned into NRG to try to release enough radiation to make the black hole collapse on itself sooner. With assistance from Danny, he was able to produce enough energy to destroy the black hole, causing Ben to revert back to his human form from exhaustion.



NRG's species are the Prypiatosian-B from the planet Prypiatos. The Prypiatosians used to have the most industrious megacities of the Andromeda Galaxy. Due to an unspecified conflict, atomic war broke out. The entire surface of the planet was irradiated almost overnight, which started to affect its residence, creating mutations resulting in two notable subspecies: the Prypiatosian-A's and the Prypiatosian-B's.

Some citizens moved to underground to avoid further genetic damage. Others that chose to stay on the surface thrived in the wake, absorbing more and more concentrated radiation, resulting in mutations. With their new forms they have become dependent on nuclear energy, their bodies now run on it. These Prypiatosians became the Prypiatosian-B subspecies.[1]


  • NRG is genetically linked to Ben's other transformation, Atomix. Both of them being subspecies of Prypiatosian from planet Prypiatos in the Andromeda Galaxy.
    • Prypiatosian-B's are also predators of Prypiatosian-A's. Their desire for radiation and energy has lead them to often attack the Prypiatosian-A, as they are a large source of the Prypiatosian-B's food supply.
  • NRG is short for “energy”.