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Nanites are microscopic machines from the Generator Rex Universe.

They were used as a way to enslave a small army of Alternate Ben Tennysons and additionally mutate their transformations into EVOs (Exponentially Variegated Organism).


Nanites are microscopic machines (about one-fourth of the size of a human red blood cell). Up close they look like small orbs of light that glow Yellow when they are unstable (most of the Nanites on Rex's Earth in the past) or Blue when they function properly (like Rex's Nanites) with little black rods of various sizes sticking out.


Nanites were originally created as a way to fight various diseases and world hunger, but an accident has created an explosion that released an immeasurable amount of Nanites into the world in a state which can mutate humans, plants, animals, aliens and creatures of all kingdoms into EVOs.

At some point during Eon's Campaign, the Ghost Technus managed to acquire a collection of Nanites from the Multiverse, which he used to infect and control a collection of Eon's potential host bodies, transforming them into EVOs.


The Alternative Ben Tennysons mutating with their alien DNA to create EVOs

Nanites in their activated (Yellow) state mutate any organism they are resided in into monstrous, bizarre creatures of varying appearances, an organism will at least keep some characteristics of their former self, the most common traits to loose is mental capacity, reducing a majority of hosts from intelligent species into a primordial state.

Notable EVOs

In order of appearance in 5 Years Later:


  • Nanites can be affected by Magnets.
  • Nanites can deteriorate over time.
  • One can predict the appearance and abilities of an EVO by looking at several factors, such as the amount of Nanites, DNA of the host, and programming.
  • There exist few special Nanites such as Omega-1 Nanite (Large Grey Control Nanite inside Rex) and 5 Meta Nanites (Elemental Power Nanites which when combined give the user power of a God, also inside Rex but deactivated).
  • Nanites can be enhanced by Galvanic Mechamorphs, which also enhances the abilities of the host.