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Nanites are the microscopic machines that were created by scientists during the Nanite Project in the Generator Rex Universe. At the time of the explosion, Nanites entered the atmosphere and spread across the globe, infecting every living being (apart from White Knight) and are bonded to their molecular structure.

Normally, Nanites are completely harmless; however, when activated, they mutate the biology of their hosts, giving them grotesque physical features and/or special abilities. They are called EVOs (Exponentially Variegated Organisms).

They were used as a way to enslave a small army of Alternate Ben Tennysons and additionally mutate their transformations into EVOs.


Nanites are microscopic machines (about one-fourth of the size of a human red blood cell). Up close they look like small orbs of light that glow Yellow when they are unstable (most of the Nanites on Rex's Earth in the past) or Blue when they function properly (like Rex's Nanites) with little black rods of various sizes sticking out.


Nanites were originally created as a way to fight various diseases and world hunger. This was later proven to be possible, as Nanites were used to save Rex's life twice: fully healing him after an almost fatal industrial accident when he was young and restarting his heart. Some scientists and philanthropists funding the project intentionally let the Nanites roam free while they were still incomplete, this was the Nanite Event. Nanites can mutate humans, plants, animals, aliens and creatures of all kingdoms into EVOs.

At some point during Eon's Campaign, the Ghost Technus managed to acquire a collection of Nanites from the Multiverse, which he used to infect and control a collection of Eon's potential host bodies, transforming them into EVOs.


Activated Nanites often change a helpless individual into a monstrous, bizarre creature with a wide range of special abilities manifesting. Mutations can vary drastically; in some cases, creatures mainly grow greatly in size, while many others shift into something radically different. Humans almost always retain some human-like qualities, though a majority of humanoid EVOs appear mindless and hellbent on destroying everything around them. Rare individuals can become an EVO and retain their mind and sanity or gain intelligence; Circe, Bobo, and Serge are examples of this phenomenon.

Befitting the chaotic nature of mutations, Nanites can also make a being unstablr, as seen with Van Kleiss, he must constantly absorb fresh active Nanites from other EVOs or from Nanite-infused soil to keep himself alive.

Special Nanites

  • The Alpha Nanite - a sentient Nanite created by Caesar Salazar. It was created to control other nanites as a sentient being, but its energy/nanite body was unsustainable. Alpha tried to make mechanical bodies to sustain itself but this failed, so instead it tried to use living organic bodies as hosts. It was cast off to another dimension when it was found he was attempting to control living beings. Eventually it escaped, but was later recaptured by Rex Salazar and Ben Tennyson and sent back to the Null Void.
  • The Omega-1 Nanite - abbreviated to OM-1, it is also known as the Control Nanite. It was created as a successor to the failed Alpha Nanite. Whereas Alpha was designed as a machine-to-machine interface, the Omega-1 Nanite was designed to work as a human-to-machine interface. Tt was injected into Rex by Dr. Rylander. This nanite controls the active Nanites within Rex's body, has a self-replicating program which allows it to create new Nanites if necessary and is responsible for the creation of Rex's new machines.
  • The Meta-Nanites - extremely powerful Nanites created to control the Dominion Code (a code that could give its user control over the fabric of reality), or simply the "God Code." This code was stored inside five specialized Nanites which were programmed to only obey Rex. All of the Meta-Nanites are required to have the complete code. These are currently inside Rex but are deactivated. There are 5 Meta-Nanites, each controlling a certain aspect of the universe:
    • Technology (purple)
    • Elemental control (blue)
    • Gravity (white)
    • Space-Time (green)
    • Matter/Anti-Matter and Energy (orange)


The Alternative Ben Tennysons mutating with their alien DNA to create EVOs

Nanites in their activated (Yellow) state mutate any organism they are resided in into monstrous, bizarre creatures of varying appearances, an organism will at least keep some characteristics of their former self, the most common traits to loose is mental capacity, reducing a majority of hosts from intelligent species into a primordial state

Notable EVOs

In order of appearance in 5 Years Later:

Nanite Builds


  • Nanites can be affected by Magnets, and with a sufficiently powerful magnet, could literally be ripped out of their host, possibly killing them.
  • Nanites can deteriorate over time.
  • Nanites can process raw energy into more power for the EVO, which in addition to greatly amplifying their abilities, makes the EVO in question lose control.
  • One can predict the appearance and abilities of an EVO by looking at several factors, such as the amount of Nanites, DNA of the host, and programming.
  • Nanites can be enhanced by Galvanic Mechamorphs, which also enhances the abilities of the host.