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Nanomech is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a one of a kind half Human, Half Nanochip hybrid in 5 Years Later.


Nanomech is an incredibly small, robotic transformation with both humanoid and insectoid-like qualities. He has a silver and dark gray outer metal shell with green ridges going along his chest to his shoulders and on his waist. He has five eyes with a long black neck. He has three arms attached to his main body with silver tubes, which are connecting his waist with his upper body as well. His arms have two claw-like digits, and the wrists have green circuitry along the sides. He has three spider-like legs.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Size Alteration- Nanomech can shrink to microscopic sizes, allowing him to fit into even the smallest of spaces.
  • Bio-Electricity Control- Nanomech can fire bioelectrical currents from his hands and eyes. When firing, his two side arms split in two.
  • Flight- Nanomech can fly by splitting his third arm and rotating it at rapid speed like a propeller.
  • Reactive Adaptation- Nanomech can quickly adapt to his situation, allowing him to create or utilize effective countermeasures to surmount the initial obstacle.
    • Hacking- Using his adaptability, Nanomech can hack into various technologies given time.
    • Technological Expertise- Due to Nanomech's adaptability, he is able to understand the functions of technology and machinery.
    • Adaptability- Nanomech has the quality of being able to adjust to new conditions.


  • Small Size- Nanomech's small stature, makes it difficult for him to deal with far large opponents.
  • Strong Currents- Strong winds can easily mess up his flight patterns or immobilize him due to his light weight.








  • Nanomech is the first hybrid species to be artificially created by the Omnitrix, not to mention the first transformation to have Human genes besides Ben himself.
  • Unlike most of the other aliens, Nanomech's design was purposely more robotic than organic. This was because of his origins and his bio-organic body being both organic and mechanical.