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Nigel Uno, also known as Numbuh 1 is a hero in 5 Years Later. A future version of him appeared in Chapter 9: Time Out. He comes from the Codename: Kids Next Door Universe.






  • Kids Next Door Training- Nigel learned how to fight at the Kids Next Door arctic-base, and since then he gained years of combat experience and tactical skills from leading many missions for Sector V. He is so skilled and focused that he was even selected to join the Galactic Kids Next Door, surpassing the legendary Numbuh 274.


  • 2x4 Technology- Nigel regularly uses the technology that the Kids Next Door provided for him and his team for their missions.
    • Jet Boots- Nigel's shoes uses jet propulsion systems so he can make quick escapes from dangerous situations, or to travel at high speeds through the air, providing extra mobility during combat.




Nigel Uno is the son of the legendary Kids Next Door Operative Numbuh 0, Monty Uno. After Nigel joined the Kids Next Door he gained the codename Numbuh 1, and took over leadership of Sector V from Abigail Lincoln. Sector V than battled against adult super-villains for years. Eventually Nigel was chosen to join the Galactic Kids Next Door and so he had to leave Earth. Before leaving he convinced Abigail Lincoln to take over once again as the leader of Sector V.