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Ultimate Heatblast

Ultimate Heatblast is the Ultimatrix DNA sample of an evolved Pyronite.


Ultimate Heatblast has a body that is much more larger and bulky than his default form, with molten rock spikes that are sticking from his chest over his shoulders. His head no longer is engulfed in flames, instead being totally encased in hot plasma. He losses his uniform, and his legs turned to melting plasma. His face has changed in structure and gained two horns.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his


  • Enhanced Biology- Ultimate Heatblast possesses enhanced physical characteristics, such as increased strength, durability, stamina, agility, dexterity and endurance, his innate abilities, etc. They far outperform their original counterpart.
  • Fire Manipulation- Similar to his default form, Ultimate Heatblast can produce and manipulate intense heat from his body. From a ball of fire, a flamethrower, to a tornado of flame.
  • Plasma Merger- Ultimate Heatblast can increase the mass of his plasma and combine it with the environment around him. He can then control these large extensions of his own body, mostly in the form of large arms, for many purposes.
  • Flight- Ultimate Heatblast is now capable of morphing the plasma and stone on his back to form wings, allowing him a more stable form of flight.
  • Weapon Generation- Ultimate Heatblast is able to generate and shape his plasma into weapons, allowing him to use for combat.
  • Armor Generation- He can generate extra stone platting around his body for protection.
  • Fire Immunity- Ultimate Heatblast is immune to all forms of heat, as he is completely composed of highly intense plasma and stone.
  • Water/Ice Immunity- Because of his very high temperature, he is immune to cold environments, and can no longer be put out by water.
  • Heat Absorption- Ultimate Heatblast is able to absorb flames and other forms of heat around him and into his body.
  • Pyrokinetic Flight- Ultimate Heatblast can release fire through his hands and feet to propel himself off the ground, like a jetpack. Although because of his new ability to generate wings, it's unlikely he relies on this too much.
  • Supernova Creation- When angered, Ultimate Heatblast is able to reach supernova level temperatures that could in theory melt entire cities.
  • Terrakinesis- Ultimate Heatblast is capable of a much larger level terrakinesis then his default form, by channeling plasma through the ground.


  • Hazardous Body- Despite his powerful nature, his entire body is a hazard to most environments not normally equipped to handle his heat. His presence alone can cause the floor and objects around him to melt, and most other species cannot get too close to him.

Ultimate Echo Echo

Ultimate Echo Echo is the Ultimatrix DNA sample of an evolved Sonorosian.


Ultimate Echo Echo is a tall, lean humanoid transformation with a blue containment suit that makes him appear as robotic with black stripes and details. He has many sonic disks across his body that he can remove.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on his chest.


  • Ultrasonic Screams - Like its original counterpart, Ultimate Echo Echo can release powerful ultrasonic waves that it can use to destroy, knock out, use as a force field, etc. This ability is released through the many discs of his body.
  • Flight- Ultimate Echo Echo can fly using sound waves.
  • Enhanced Biology- Ultimate Echo Echo possesses enhanced physical characteristics, such as increased strength, durability, stamina, agility, dexterity and endurance, his innate abilities, etc. They far outperform their original counterpart.
  • Space Survivability- Ultimate Echo Echo can survive in the vacuum of space.


  • Sonic Disks- His containment suit features several disks that can release powerful sound waves and be removed, levitating around him.
    • Duplication- Ultimate Echo Echo can duplicate his sonic disks as many times as necessary.


  • Magnets- His containment suit is made of metal, making him highly susceptible to magnetic pulls.
  • Sonic Discs- Although Ultimate Echo Echo himself is highly durable, his sonic disks can be easily destroyed.


  • This version of Ultimate Echo Echo was made as a non-canon design of what if Ben still had the Ultimatrix during 5 Years Later.

Ultimate XLR8

Ultimate XLR8 is the Ultimatrix DNA sample of an evolved Kineceleran.


Ultimate XLR8 is a humanoid velociraptor with blue skin. He is covered in segmented grey and black plating with green nodes. His pointy helmet is primarily black with a green stripe along the top. Ultimate XLR8's face has a snout the just outside the helmet, with two black lines going over the eyes.

Ultimate XLR8's arms and legs are covered in a black uniform with a line that reveals their skin. Ultimate XLR8's limbs have 3 clawed digits at the end, his feet standing on white roller balls. The elbows and thighs have green rocket-like protrusions.

The Ultimatrix symbol is located on the chest.


  • Greatly Enhanced Speed- Ultimate XLR8 can move at extremely fast speeds. His top speeds are at least ten times that of his de-evolved counterpart.
  • Energy Stockpiling- Ultimate XLR8 can stockpile the heat he generates with his speed.
  • Bio-Boosters- Ultimate XLR8 can release the stockpiled heat through his vents to move at even faster speeds.
  • Energy Beam Projection- Ultimate XLR8 can release built up heat in the form of beam from his mouth.
  • Enhanced Strength- Ultimate XLR8 has greatly increased strength.
  • Enhanced Durability- Ultimate XLR8 is very durable due to his natural armor.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Ultimate XLR8 has greatly increased reflex, making him able to dodge attacks without losing speed.
  • Wall Crawling- Ultimate XLR8 can crawl on walls.
  • Intangibility- Ultimate XLR8 can phase through matter.