Null Void Projector

Null Void Projector.png

A Null Void Projector is a piece of technology commonly used by the Plumbers. The projectors are used to create portals to any specific area in the Null Void.


Null Void projectors are gun-like devices, with a handle and a trigger. They have a big muzzle with a big white half-sphere. The half-sphere turns red when the projector is in use.


Some Null void projectors look more like cannons or actual movie projectors rather than guns.

Kevin's nv proj.png
Kevin's Null Void Projector, rigged with Temporal Runes to create a Transdimensional Portal.


To create a Portal to the Null Void, one simply pulls the projector's trigger and targets it towards the place they want to place the portal. The projector has the ability to configure the coordinates to a specific location in the Null Void.




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