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Ryan "O.R.Ash" Asher is a Concept Artist and Story Consultant in 5 Years Later. He is also the creator of And Beyond.


Ryan is a Caucasian human with a large build. He has long, dark blond hair, and typically wears a hat.


Ryan is optimistic, and frequently makes jokes and impressions. He is a hard worker, and rarely has anything negative to say. He responds kindly to fans, and frequently takes requests for his personal illustration series, Fusion Friday.


Ryan got into art when he was in Elementary School by drawing Pokémon Fusions to trade for other student's lunch.

When Ryan was in High School, he fell off a stage and was badly injured. The accident screwed up the nerves in half of his face, joking that he now has two faces. He has taken four years of Improv Comedy, but only one Art Class that he ended up quitting after first semester.

Ryan was in consideration for the Ink Tank for months, and was eventually recruited to help design the Alternate Ben's Omnitrices and their EVO transformations around the end of Summer 2018.

Since joining the Ink Tank, Ryan has made a significant impact with his designs from Chapter 8 forward, and has also collaborated with Hurshie and Kuro for numerous YouTube video projects, including creating And Beyond.

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