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Olimarans, also referred to as Techadon Weapon Masters are a species formerly native to Sonorosia in 5 Years Later.


Olimarans are bipedal humanoids with green skin and a lean physique. they wear white and black uniforms with black belts. They have a silver dish on the top of their uniform around their neck. They wear blue goggles and have blue hair.


  • High Intelligence- Olimaran's possess high intelligence, allowing them to make advanced and highly complex technology and weaponry.


  • Frail Body - The Olimarans possess a frail body, leaving them susceptible to attacks from species that can breach their defenses.

Society and History

Centuries ago, on the planet Sonorosia, the Olimarans had built a thriving technological empire. The Olimarans intelligence, coupled with their logical mindset, allowed them to make amazing and destructive breakthroughs in technology, bringing Sonorosia up to a technology 'level 13'. The Olimarians sold their advanced weaponry and tech off world, creating a thriving economy on the black market, and a rivalry with the Galvan, another species with an extraordinary intelligence. They created a bio-mechanical species known as Sonorosians to provide themselves with efficient and cheap labor.

However, to meet the high demand of their technology, the Olimarans ended up over harvesting the planet's resources, leading it to fall to ruin, becoming polluted and dangerous for organic life. Some theorized that the Olimarans died with their world, but it was discovered that they now go from planet to planet, harvesting resources to expand their technological empire. Their most recent and notable planet being Techadon.

Over time, the Olimarans began augmenting themselves with their technology, this led to appearance-wise changes, most noticeable being their eyes becoming red.

Notable Olimarans

  • Inspector 13


  • Olimarans do not utilize emotions such as empathy, meaning their decision making capabilities are based solely on logic and not emotion.