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Omnimatrix Devices are unique level 20 tech devices from the planet Galvan Prime, which were created by Azmuth, and are portable libraries of intergalactic genetic data that allow the wielder to alter their DNA at will and transform into a variety of different alien species, each with their own unique abilities.

These devices are constructed from their matrix cores, which are black devices with circuit patterns, which are what makes the Omnimatrix devices work, and can adjust to fit their user and reflect different modes they are in with different colors.

The only remaining Omnitrix device shown in 5 Years Later is the Omnitrix worn by Ben Tennyson, with its two previous versions, the Ultimatrix and the prototype Omnitrix being destroyed a few years prior.

The Omnitrix

The Omnimatrix, often referred to as the Omnitrix, is one of Azmuth's creations, it's a Level 20 Tech DNA manipulator from the planet Galvan Prime, it's also the successor and improved version of both the Ultimatrix and the prototype Omnitrix. It was given to Ben Tennyson five years ago, and is used by him in 5 Years Later.


The Omnitrix typically looks like a wristwatch.

When Ben received the Omnitrix five years ago, it had a white and green color scheme. The Omnitrix had three green buttons on each side, and a faceplate that had two green stripes forming an outline for the Intergalactic Peace Symbol. When the faceplate is slid back, it reveals the Omnitrix's core.

The Omnitrix slowly recalibrated over five years. Now, the Omnitrix's color scheme is white, grey, and green. It has a black faceplate with two light green stripes which represent the Intergalactic Peace Force's symbol. It has two grey buttons on each side that, when pressed, cause the faceplate to split into two and reveal the Omnitrix core. The Omnitrix now has the same dial as the recalibrated Omnitrix and the Ultimatrix.

After Ben activated the Uniform Mode in Chapter 7, the Omnitrix is now more like a glove, with a black-green and white color scheme. The Core is now on the forearm and has three vents on each side. The vents light up green if the "Powerhouse Playlist" is activated.

In 5 Years Later, Ben has learned how to change the appearance of the Omnitrix at will.



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The Omnitrix allows Ben to transform into a variety of aliens, commonly referred to as Ben's Arsenal in 5 Years Later. His arsenal is organized into "playlists" of ten aliens each.

The Omnitrix contains about 1,000,000 DNA samples from the Milky Way Galaxy and it also contains DNA from the rest of the Local Group, for example, the Andromeda Galaxy, such as MonKi. It also contains DNA samples from outside of it, which Ben acquired on his adventures.

The Omnitrix also contains a few DNA samples not native to Ben's universe, such as Lank.

Special Playlists

The Powerhouse Playlist

This Playlist contains ten of the Omnitrix's most powerful transformations. All transformations in this playlist are personally-selected by Ben and only used in the most dire of circumstances. It is ordinarily locked on the Active Playlists but can be unlocked if the user enters the code 4317. When activated, the vents on the Omnitrix light up. As of Chapter 10: Again, it is known to contain Atomix, Way Big, Soarnitho, MonKi, Buck Wild, Portaler, The Void, Full Stop, Clockwork, and Alien X.

Ben is able to activate this playlist even while transformed, and can isolate himself to only the Powerhouse Playlist if he wishes to. While the Powerhouse Playlist is active, Ben can still transform into non-powerhouse transformations, should he need to.

The Parasite Playlist

This Playlist contains parasitic transformations that can alter, enhance, or combine with the other transformations found within the Omnitrix. This playlist and transformation feature has a two alien lock interface, the user first selects the parasitic transformation. After this, the second alien lock interface appears, displaying a list of compatible transformations that can be a host for the parasitic transformation. Both the parasite and the host are controlled by Ben, similar to whenever he uses a transformation with cloning abilities.

Not every transformation is compatible with most of the parasitic transformations, for example, Heatblast cannot be enhanced by Overkill or DKR because of his pyro abilities.

At this time, only five transformations are known to be in this playlist: Slash, Overkill, DKR, Side Effect, and FleaShooter.


In 5 Years Later, the Omnitrix is accessed by pressing two grey buttons on each side, causing the faceplate to split in two. The core pops out and the alien holograms appear. When the right alien is selected, the Omnitrix is slammed down in order to transform.
  • The Omnitrix can be used by voice command or thought with the Master Control unlocked.
    • Ben dials the aliens out of habit even though in 5 Years Later he has access to Master Control.
  • In 5 Years Later, the Omnitrix alien selection is similar to the interface from Omniverse, the fourth series in the Ben 10 franchise, but it now has an extra slot for the selected alien icon above it.


  • The Omnitrix allows the user to change their genetic code and turn into one of many aliens from the Omnitrix's alien arsenal that are sorted into playlists of ten aliens.
    • The Omnitrix transformations are the prime example of the species, being healthiest, strongest, and most versatile.
    • The Omnitrix automatically uses the molecules of its wearer's clothes to create coverings for the transformations.
    • The Omnitrix's placement varies between transformations, it can be placed anywhere on the transformation, for example, chest, head, etc.
    • The Omnitrix aliens all have green eyes with some exceptions, like Heatblast.
    • The Omnitrix can supply transformations with the necessary equipment for safe use made with nanotech, such as Goop's antigravity projector, Brainstorm's breathing brace, and NRG's suit.
  • The Omnitrix has a DNA scanner.
    • The Omnitrix has a setback that turns off all other functions until any uncatalogued DNA has been acquired, prior to 5 Years Later, Ben turned off this setback. With the setback off, The Omnitrix can still alert the user of uncatalogued DNA.
  • The Omnitrix has a quick change feature that changes users back to their original form when they are done using the form they transformed into.
    • Manually touching the Omnitrix symbol while transformed can also switch the user between different transformations.
  • The Omnitrix has a built-in Universal Translator.
  • The Omnitrix has a bodycam, which allows the user to analyze the opponent's moves and can show playbacks of battles. These captures can also be projected holographically.
    • The bodycam can also create a map of the surrounding terrain and keep track of any other beings located within the vicinity, with the efficiency of a geographic coordinating system.
    • The bodycam has a high enough frame rate, that it can keep in frame flashes of light that would be invisible to the naked eye.
  • The Omnitrix can be used as a communicator.
  • The Omnitrix has an adapter cable that can let the user program multiple forms of technology and control it through the Omnitrix.
  • The Omnitrix can repair DNA damage.
  • The Omnitrix has voice commands.
  • The Omnitrix has a settings panel, in which Ben can activate several modes that change the look of the Omnitrix, his outfit, and other settings that change alien selection display, the alien he will turn into in case he is knocked out, etc.
  • The Omnitrix can import basic instincts of the selected alien species into Ben's brain seconds after transforming, this feature is very useful when Ben transforms into a new alien.
  • The Omnitrix can unlock new transformations, modes, and new features using codes that are activated using the dial.
  • The Omnitrix has a DNA Database of all the DNA samples that can be used to read notes about transformations from Plumber's database, from Azmuth, and add notes. It can also be used to label transformations by their "hero name".
  • The Omnitrix can give Ben remote access to his account in the Plumber database.
  • New Functions, such as The Powerhouse Playlist, can be created by Ben at any time.

  • Modes

  • Active- The Omnitrix has all the power it needs and is capable of transforming Ben.
    • Recharge Mode- The Omnitrix is out of power and recharges itself. However, this mode is inactive due to Ben having access to Master Control.
    • Scanning- Activated when the Omnitrix scans new DNA that isn't present in the Omnitrix's database. It creates an alien that is the prime example of the species, along with clothes, life support, and whatever the transformation needs.
    • Randomizer-In this mode, the Omnitrix changes the alien form randomly in short periods of time.
    • Life Form Lock-When this mode is active Ben can stay in alien form as long as he wants should the situation call for it. However, this mode is rendered useless because of Ben currently having access to Master Control.
    • Self-Destruct Mode-During this mode the Omnitrix gathers energy and blows up. This mode can create an explosion so powerful, that can destroy everything in the universe if it is allowed to build up energy for a few days. However, it can also be set for a different amount of time, such as thirty seconds, leading to a small explosion that can only destroy the user.
    • Hard Reset-This Mode makes the Omnitrix shut down and reactivate itself again. This can lead to some functions being unavailable, such as the ability to transform DNA.
    • Voice Command Mode-Gives user access to voice commands.
    • Menu-This menu has many functions, for example, a map and a mode select screen for the Omnitrix. The Omnitrix menu also displays icons on tabs, such as "Return to the Transformation Selection Menu", "Messages", "More Options", "Return to the Main Menu", "Omnitrix Settings", and "Altimeter".
    • Master Control- The Omnitrix has a "Master Control", which gives the user unlimited transformation time, allowing them to transform into an alien, or switching between transformations using thoughts, no mistransformations, and unlocks every single DNA sample in the Omnitrix database. Master Control can only be accessed by Azmuth's voice command or by code.


  • Stealth Mode-This mode makes the Omnitrix invisible.
  • Uniform Mode-This mode allows the user to change the Omnitrix's appearance, and by using nanotech, it gives the user a transformation-like uniform.
    • The Uniform Mode gives the user footwear that can provide them with flight capabilities via energy propulsion.
    • The Uniform Mode also provides the user with a scanning visor, which can zoom into the target species on a microscopic level. This allows the user to break down the target's DNA, providing the user with a plethora of information on the target, such as precise measurements and their biometric readings.
  • Classic Mode-This mode makes the Omnitrix look like the prototype Omnitrix.
  • Factory Mode-This mode removes all the firewall and outer shell cosmetics of the Omnitrix.
  • Protection Mode-This mode is adaptive, it creates protection for the user, for example, an armor.

  • Inactive Models

    The Prototype Omnitrix

    The Omnimatrix, mostly known as Omnitrix or Prototype Omnitrix was an alien device found by Ben Tennyson eleven years ago that stuck itself upon his wrist and did just what it did. It was used by Ben until it self destructed in order to stop Vilgax from using it. It was replaced by Ultimatrix and later on by the new Omnitrix.


    When Ben found the Omnitrix, it looked like a rather large 'wristwatch'.

    Its color scheme was primarily black, white, and green, with a grey and green button on the side, used to open the core. Its dial was grey and green with the Intergalactic Symbol of Peace in the middle. When the Omnitrix was activated it showed the silhouette of an alien in Ben's arsenal of aliens.

    Five years later, it recalibrated and it became sleeker and smaller, and it's color scheme consisted of mostly green and black. The colors inside the dial changed from green and grey to green and black. When activated, the recalibrated Omnitrix displayed aliens hologram above the dial.


    The Prototype Omnitrix worked similarly to the current Omnitrix, with some minor differences.

    The Ultimatrix

    The Ultimate Omnimatrix, mostly known as the Ultimatrix was a version of the prototype Omnitrix which was created by Azmuth which was later stolen by Albedo and completed by him. After the prototype Omnitrix was destroyed it was taken by Ben from Albedo and used by him until he got the new Omnitrix. The Ultimatrix was destroyed by Azmuth sometime after Ben got the new Omnitrix.


    The Ultimatrix resembled a gauntlet. The central component, the selection interface, was similar to the Omnitrix, while the watch band was replaced by a gauntlet-like band extending up to almost half of the wearer's arm.

    The selection interface was identical to the original dial, with the intergalactic peace sign that changes color to reflect what mode the Ultimatrix was in.

    In Chapter 8 the Ultimatrix was seen while being used by Albedo in a flashback, while Cooper explained it's backstory. It looked the same as when Ben had it, but its green elements were red instead.


    The Ultimatrix functioned similarly to the current Omnitrix and the prototype Omnitrix. The Ultimatrix lacked some functions of the prototype Omnitrix and had an evolution feature that worked by placing the DNA of the selected alien in a simulated scenario, subjecting it to the worst-possible threat over millions of theoretical years in order to "force" evolution in the genetic code. The resultant evolutionary adaptations to this fictional threat scenario are then modified into the existing DNA of the selected alien, thus evolving it into the new Ultimate Form.

    This "survival of the fittest" method of simulated evolution ensures that the Ultimate Forms are much more combat-oriented than their normal form.

    Evolved Forms

    Between Ben and Albedo, only twelve transformations gained an ultimate form:

    1. Humungousaur
    2. Swampfire
    3. Spidermonkey
    4. Big Chill
    5. Cannonbolt
    6. Echo Echo
    7. Wildmutt
    8. Way Big
    9. Grey Matter (or Albedo's Galvan From)
    10. Arctiguana
    11. Gravattack
    12. Rath


    The Prototype Omnitrix

    The Prototype Omnitrix was created by "the first thinker", Azmuth, from Galvan Prime, in order to promote peace and harmony by allowing the user to walk in shoes of other species, following the destruction of a planet caused by Azmuth’s previous creation, the sword Ascalon. The prototype Omnitrix was discovered by Ben Tennyson when he was ten years old and stuck itself upon his wrist. At first, it allowed him to transform into his "Original Ten" but later on the number of his transformations grew. The Omnitrix recalibrated itself when Ben put it back on when he was fifteen years old, which changed its appearance and functionality, and reset his playlists, which gave him a new set of ten aliens, which currently is Playlist three. Further on, the prototype Omnitrix was later self-destructed in order to stop Vilgax from using it. It was then replaced by the Ultimatrix as Ben's Omnimatrix Device.

    The Ultimatrix

    After five years, The Alliance hacked into the Plumbers Database and stole the Ultimatrix blueprints in order to build a giant version of it in order for Eon to achieve his boundless Ultimate Form. In Chapter 8: Risen upon arriving, at the battlefield, Cooper proclaims that the machine Eon is connected to is a giant Ultimatrix and then tells Danny the backstory behind the Ultimatrix.

    The Omnitrix

    Azmuth worked on the official version of the Omnitrix ever since Ben took possession of the prototype Omnitrix eleven years ago. Azmuth completed the Omnitrix and deemed Ben worthy to wear it five years ago, after he defeated Vilgax at the end of Ultimate Alien, the third series in the Ben 10 franchise. He used Azmuth's previous creation, Ascalon, and after absorbing nigh-omnipotent power, he chooses to give up all of its power, showing how he had matured. On Ben's 18th birthday, Azmuth granted Ben the Master Control.


    The Omnitrix

    5 Years Later

    And Beyond

    The Prototype Omnitrix

    The Ultimatrix


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    • Ben can access his transformation through mental commands, now having access to Master Control, but continues to manually use the Omnitrix out of habit.
    • The plural for Omnitrix is "Omnitrixes."
    • According to Gwendolyn Tennyson, it takes the Omnitrix 0.8 seconds to switch between transformations. [1]
    • The Omnitrix cannot scan Ghosts.
    • As seen above, the scan visor Ben uses in Uniform Mode, has three stickers on it. These stickers are a Mr. Smoothy Cup, a Sumo head, and the logo for the band There for Tomorrow.
    • Ben keeps the broken Prototype Omnitrix faceplate in his office.
    • Ben spends eight hours once a week looking through the Omnitrix's DNA Database, learning about the transformations he hasn't used yet.