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Opticoids are a species from the planet Sightra in 5 Years Later.


Opticoids are tall and yellowish humanoid creatures. They have several eyes located all throughout their upper body, but ironically have none on their head. They have two large ears made of a pink tissue on their face, and this tissue also connects their fingers and toes together.


  • Omnidirectional Vision- Opticoids are able to see in every direction around them thanks to their many eyes.
  • Solar Energy Absorption- An Opticoid's eyes absorb solar radiation and convert the energy from it into a variety of beams that they can fire from their eyes.
    • Elemental Attacks- The eyes around an Opticoid's body can expel a multitude of elemental beams such as fire, ice, electricity, and plasma.
  • Eye Manipulation- Opticoids can relocate their eyes and merge them together.
    • Chest Eye- By merging all of their eyes into one, Opticoids can expose the gigantic eye in their chest and use it to fire their most powerful beam.
  • Enhanced Hearing- Opticoids are able to sense sound not only with their ears, but with their hands and feet as well.
  • Pheromone Sensing- Opticoids are able to see certain kinds of pheromones in the air.
  • Enhanced Athleticism -Opticoids are capable of performing acrobatic and gymnastic feats, as well as jumping several feet high.
  • Enhanced Reflexes- Opticoids have good reflexes.


  • Eye Irritation- An Opticoid's eyes can be irritated or damaged, which can leave them powerless and vulnerable.
  • Sensitive Hearing- An Opticoid's large ears make them susceptible to loud sounds.
  • Pheromone Irritation- Some kinds of pheromones can irritate an Opticoid's eyes.
  • Acid- Acids can burn an Opticoid's eyes.

Society and History

Nothing is known of Opticoid society.

During the history covered in And Beyond: Episode 6, it was shown that the Opticoid's homeworld Sightra, after drifting in and out of the Anur System's orbit, crashed into the planet Anur G'rrnay, stranding some Opticoid citizens on the planet. Over time, the stranded Opticoids evolved due to G'rrnay's difference in gravity, among other things; this caused the Opticoids to become the Terretnal Ogres.

Notable Opticoids


  • Opticoids reproduce asexually.