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Opticoids are a species from the planet Sightra in 5 Years Later.


Opticoids are tall and yellowish humanoid creatures. They have several eyes located all throughout their upper body, but ironically have none on their head. They have two large ears made of a pink tissue, and this tissue also connects their fingers and toes.


  • Omnidirectional Vision- Opticoids are able to see in every direction thanks to their many eyes.
  • Eye Manipulation- Opticoids can relocate their eyes and merge them together.
  • Elemental Attacks- The eyes around their body can be used to expel a multitude of elemental beams such as fire, ice and plasma. This ability is powered by solar radiation that they absorb.
  • Enhanced Hearing- Opticoids are able to sense sound not only with their ears, but with hands and feet as well.


  • Eye Irritation- Opticoids' eyes can be irritated or damaged, which can leave them powerless and vulnerable.

Society and History


Notable Opticoids


  • The species is asexual.